Video Baluns provide a cost-efficient solution to extending the distance of your security camera from 1,000 feet to 6,000 feet. These longer runs are achieved by utilizing a Cat5e or Cat6 cable or any other form of UTP twisted pair wire in place of the traditional coaxial cable. Cat5e cables can be pulled to allow longer runs for your security camera, making installation simpler than using bulky coaxial cables, and at the same time saving you money as well.

Using Cat5e cables future proof your security system infrastructure. Since UTP cables have several benefits such as their use with IP cameras or LAN networks. One major advantage is the ability to carry video and power, therefore you won't have to pull separate power for the security camera. Therefore, with a video balun and UTP cable configuration, installation becomes more manageable because power can be centralized from one location, rather than pulling separate power supply at several different locations for cameras that are positioned throughout the perimeter being monitored.

Most baluns in the market utilize power pass through connections in order to run a security camera with Cat5e cables. Although this works (we carry video balun types of this solution as well), problems arise when you're trying to achieve lengths of more than 500 feet. PI Manufacturing has pioneered a solution to this problem while still maintaining cost-efficiency. Rather than using a power pass through connection for the video balun, we convert the video balun from 24/18V to 12V DC, therefore allowing longer runs up to 1,000 feet. Our video baluns will not degrade any amount of video signal compared to other baluns. Also, compared to other baluns, ours are engineered and made with only the highest standards for any type of professional security installation.

PI Manufacturing carries several different kinds of video baluns. Looking to extend your security camera up to 1,000 feet in length? Browse our selection of passive video baluns which include types that can handle either video, video + power, or power pass through connections. If you're looking to extend your security camera distance even further, our active video baluns can extend the distance up to 6,000 feet. Check our keystone video baluns for behind the wall installations, and our HDTV baluns for your home theater with full support for 1080i HDTV signals. For business purposes, our popular rackmount video baluns eliminate messy cables and simplifies installation. These rack mount types fit most popular racks in the market, allowing you to put your installation in a server room to manage everything from one place. This solution gives you a true balance between manageability and cost-efficiency.

PI Manufacturing Corp. manufactures and supplies the largest selection of video baluns at the best prices. Our engineering facilities in Taiwan and distribution in our Los Angeles offices provide an array of premium selections, while offering optimal value. View our video balun solutions today to facilitate and speed up your security camera setup, while saving you money for your installations.

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