About RF Cables

RF cables, derived from the word radio frequency, are basic cables that are used primarily for carrying out audio-visual signals. RF cables are a type of coaxial cable that contains a progression of casings in order to avoid signal interference. From our gadgets to our households, RF cables have a multitude of uses and are extremely essential for us to carry on our daily lives. At PI Manufacturing Corp., we carry a wide range of RF cables. From wireless networking, GPS, GSM, cellular, Bluetooth, television broadcasting, radio, digital audio, avionics, aircraft radio, Wi-Fi, and more, we have RF cables to suit your every need.

Having been in the industry for over 24 years, we at PI Manufacturing Corp. has gained extensive knowledge of RF cables. Because your satisfaction is our utmost concern, our RF cables are manufactured with the best quality materials in order to transmit signals seamlessly. Before we hand out RF cables to you, we make sure that each and every RF cable passes through rigid quality control measures. Unsurpassed quality in all our products is our mission to you.

Purchase an RF cable now and witness uncompromised signal and strength for all of your devices. Looking to have a custom RF cable made, check out our RF cable builder and have a custom RF cable made just for you.

Who We Are

For over 30 years, PI Manufacturing has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of cable assemblies, low voltage products, security surveillance solutions, electronic components, and pro audio / video solutions. Product quality is not always the same, especially from one supplier to the next, therefore PI Manufacturing makes sure all of our products pass our quality standards and specifications, complying with most directives and safety standards as necessary.


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