Regardless of how large or expensive your LCD television, plasma television, or other component of your home entertainment system may be, it generally wont matter if you dont have proper LCD Brackets to help give it a clean look and ensure that you have the best viewing angles possible. Furthermore, using LCD Brackets come with the added advantage of lifting up your LCD or plasma television monitor, creating a more efficient use of space which may be preferable for smaller areas such as an apartment or restaurant. However, choosing the appropriate LCD Brackets for your home entertainment systems LCD or plasma television can be difficult as you need to worry about not only the size of your television, but also its weight along with whether or not you want adjustable LCD Brackets with tilting functions. When you purchase a flat screen LCD or plasma television, one of the first things you'll find is that they don't come with their own mounting hardware, necessitating that you purchase your own. To help make the process of purchasing one more simple, we here at PI Manufacturing Corp. have the sizes and weights that our LCD Brackets are compatible with clearly labeled, saving you the hassle of attempting to figure out on your own which LCD Brackets may or may not support the size and weight of your television. Because we realize how frustrating the experience of choosing LCD Brackets can be, we try to make that experience as easy on you as possible at PI Manufacturing Corp.

After you've chosen one of our LCD Brackets to go with the LCD or plasma television in your home entertainment system, using our LCD Brackets to install your television on your wall is a relatively simple affair. You'll pretty much find that, if you have the ability to do something as easy as hang a picture on a wall or attach a shelf to one, you'll be able to put your LCD Brackets in their place on your wall just about as easily. So long as you have a few simple tools that are typically found in most households, tools such as a drill, screwdriver, and some measuring tape, you should be able to install LCD Brackets with little, if any problem or frustration. This helps make wall mount LCD Brackets an ideal solution for your flat screen LCD or plasma television.

When actually mounting your flat screen LCD or plasma television on LCD Brackets, however, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration before you take the leap of actually punching a few holes in your wall. Of utmost importance, of course, is making your flat screen television mounted on LCD Brackets gives you a good viewing angle. And, to find a good viewing angle for LCD Brackets, you should ensure that your TV is set at a proper height. In an ideal setup, the center of your LCD or plasma screen should be mounted at approximately eye level while you're seated. Additionally, your home entertainment systems television is designed to provide the best picture when viewed from straight on. Furthermore, you should take care to ensure that glare isn't an issue when mounting your LCD Brackets. If the glare isn't the result of something with an easy solution, such as closing a curtain or turning off a lamp, you may want to consider placing your LCD Brackets in another part of your room entirely as not only can the glare from light be an annoyance, it can also ruin what would otherwise be an attractive picture. Or, conversely, another option to avoid glare is by purchasing an adjustable swiveling or tilting LCD bracket, such as the ones we offer here at PI Manufacturing Corp. Adjustable LCD Brackets allow you to avoid glare without being forced to move your flat screen plasma or LCD television to another part of the room by allowing you to move the TV itself, within a fixed range, which gives you the ability to angle your monitor in such a position as to avoid the light that may be reflected through your window or off your lamp and onto your screen.

Alternatively, ceiling mount LCD Brackets are also available, giving you another option for mounting your flat screen television. As the name would imply, ceiling mount LCD Brackets suspend your television from the ceiling, as opposed to the wall the way tradition LCD Brackets do. Although the fact that they are ideal for corners and open areas make them well suited for commercial use, many have found that ceiling mount LCD Brackets work just as well in their homes. PI Manufacturing offers both single sided and double sided ceiling mount LCD Brackets that can be used for either your business or your living room. Additionally, our ceiling mount LCD Brackets are flexible and adjustable, allowing you to fit your flat screen plasma or LCD television on them at a viewing angle suitable for your needs.

Both our wall mount and ceiling mount LCD Brackets have a number of features to ensure that your home entertainment system keeps its clean appearance. Our wall mount LCD Brackets often come with preexisting holes set in their backs, allowing you to run wires through them and through your wall, if you so choose, to prevent their messy or tangled appearance being clearly visible for everyone to see. Similarly, a number of our ceiling mount LCD Brackets will give you the ability to feed the cables from your LCD or plasma flat screen television through the tubing and into the ceiling, which also keeps them from giving off an unkempt appearance. Additionally, buying wall mount or ceiling mount LCD Brackets doesn't mean you need to get rid of any preexisting TV stand you may have. You can still use the one you have lying around to use as storage for your DVD player, Blu Ray player, audio system, gaming console, or other device you want to keep around your flat screen LCD or plasma television. Furthermore, you can use your old TV stand to set your speakers on, further increasing its utility while allowing you to place most of your peripheral and home entertainment accessories in a single area, making them more accessible. PI Manufacturing Corp. has been around serving your electronics and LCD Brackets needs since 1986. With over 23 years of manufacturing, importing, and distributing experience, we have all the right tools to help cater to your needs whatever they may be. PI Manufacturing Corp. has your covered for LCD Brackets.

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