Computer Cables

Computer cables supply the vast majority of connections in the technological era. Whether you're connecting an internal SATA hard drive or computer power supply to the motherboard or connecting a USB cable to the computer in order to charge or use your USB enabled device (e.g. iPhone, external hard drive enclosure, etc.). The use of a computer cable is necessary to allow the interconnection between your computer and another device or peripheral.

Take the guesswork on finding reliable and cost-efficient computer cables for your home or work. PI Manufacturing has been supplying premium computer cables at wholesale prices since 1986. Whether you're looking for a VGA cable for your monitor or need to convert the USB port on your computer to PS/2, we have the right solution for you. Shop from thousands of computer cables, including serial cables, SATA cables, SCSI cables, and more, we have them all. Start browsing today and save big.

Who We Are

For over 30 years, PI Manufacturing has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of cable assemblies, low voltage products, security surveillance solutions, electronic components, and pro audio / video solutions. Product quality is not always the same, especially from one supplier to the next, therefore PI Manufacturing makes sure all of our products pass our quality standards and specifications, complying with most directives and safety standards as necessary.


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