3 Outlet Grounded 3 Prong T Type Wall Tap, UL Listed

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD27089

PI Part #: YE-400-ORANGE

3 Outlet Grounded 3 Prong T Type Wall Tap, UL Listed

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3 Outlet Grounded 3 Prong T Type Wall Tap

Plug 3 devices into a single receptacle easily and conveniently with this 3 to 1 power adapter. This device can be connected to a wall outlet or any extension device. This adapter is UL 498 listed, meaning it meets extreme safety requirements. This power adapter is designed with quality in mind, so your devices are kept safe and protected. Let PI Manufacturing keep your devices powered and working great.

  • Converts 1 wall receptacle to 3 outlets
  • The 3 receptacles are arranged 90 degrees from the next which allows for a a neat connection.
  • Listed under UL 498
  • AC 125V/15A
  • Orange color

UPC: 091324194568

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