3ft USB to RS-422 Converter Cable

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD25088

PI Part #: UTS-422TB

3ft USB to RS-422 Converter Cable

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3ft USB to RS-422 Converter Cable

To configure inexpensive local networks and multidrop communications, RS422 are used to address this issue. However RS422 usage are a bit outdated, therefore PI Manufacturing provides our USB to RS422 converters to access reliable communications. RS422 are very similar to RS485, with the exception that RS422 communicates unilaterally, and are better suited for point-to-point communication. To ensure that all connections work within this converter cable, 3 separate LED lights well inform the user that the cable is functioning. This converter cable extends out 3 feet to increase flexibility in the computer system setup, and by using this converter cable, you will experience a balanced network between computers.

  • Chipset: FTDI
  • Device Interface: UTS-422TB: RS-422, UTS-4858TB: RS-485
  • Data Speed: Min. 3Mpbs
  • Upstream: USB Type A Male
  • Device: Shield x 1 and Terminal Block x 4
  • LED: 3

UPC: 091324292547

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