2 Port USB 3.0 PCI-E Adapter Card

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD28351

PI Part #: USB3-PCI-E

2 Port USB 3.0 PCI-E Adapter Card

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2 Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Card (Works up to 5 Gbps for data transfer)

Super-Speed USB 3.0 interface is the next revolution in I/O interfaces, delivering the bandwidth and features required by consumer electronics and communications devices. The PI Manufacturing USB 3.0 PCI Express Card is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and is compliant with PCI Express Generation 2. The device is able to transfer up to 5Gbps of data and features Plug-and-Play for easy installation. The USB 3.0 High-speed device is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 and is the ideal choice for external storage devices, MP3 players, external writers, digital cameras, webcams, networking and video devices, and more.

  • Supports PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.0
  • Single-lane x1, PCI Express throughput rates up to 5 Gbps
  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification Revision 1.0
  • Compliant with xHCI (Extensible Host Controller Interface) specifications Revision 0.95
  • Supports simultaneous operation of multiple USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
  • Supports USB data transfer rate of 1.5/12/480/5000 Mbps
  • Expands two external USB3.0 Super-Speed ports on the system
  • Each USB port supplies maximum +5V / 900mA power output to USB device
  • Built-in 4-pin power connector for receiving extra power supply from system.
  • Hot-swapping feature allows you to connect/disconnect devices without powering down the system.
  • Driver supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 operation systems

UPC: 091324332366

2 Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Card (Works up to 5 Gbps for data transfer)

Interface: Single-Lane (x1) PCI Express Generation 2
Mode: USB3.0
Controller: NEC PD720200
Port: 2 External USB 3.0 ports
Speed: Data Transfer rate of 1.5/12/480/5000 Mbps.
Low Speed: 1.5Mbps, Full Speed : 12Mbps, High Speed: 480Mbps, Super Speed: 5Gbps
Power Input:4-pin CD-ROM Type Power Connector
Power Output: +5V / 900mA (each port)
PCB Dimension: 80 (W) x 68.5(L)mm
Bracket: Standard 121mm / Low Profile 79.2mm
O.S. support: Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, (32/64-bit)
Environment Operation temp: 0C - 57C
Operation humidity: 5 - 95% RH
Storage temp: -20C - 85C

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