7 inch USB to PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter Cable (CSC0101 Chipset)

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD24549

PI Part #: USB-PS2

7 inch USB to PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter Cable (CSC0101 Chipset)

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USB Cable to 2 x PS/2 Adapter Cable for Keyboard and Mouse

The USB cable to PS/2 keyboard and mouse adapter cable converts your existing PS/2 keyboard and mouse to USB. This cable is useful if your computer only has USB ports, but you still want to use your existing PS/2 keyboards and mice.

  • Universal compatibility with PS/2
  • Flexible configuration
    • Use one PS/2 mouse & one PS/2 keyboard at the same time
    • Use two PS/2 mice or two PS/2 keyboards at the same time
  • Color coded connector
  • Supports USB spec. 1.1
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Built-in converter in the cable provides universal PS/2 compatibility
  • CSC0101 chipset

UPC: 091324219834
Connector Types:USB type-A male to 2x mini-DIN (6-pin) female


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