Bi-Directional Wireless IR Repeater (Up to 490ft)

PI Part #: TTA-1410K

Bi-Directional Wireless IR Repeater (Up to 490ft)

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  • Control IR devices even when they are located in a cabinet, another room, or when line of sight is an issue by extending the IR signal wirelessly
  • Supports IR wireless range up to 490 feet
  • Control IR devices locally, away, by zone, or bi-directionally
  • Universal compatibility with 20-60Khz IR frequencies
  • Includes 2 - IR repeater units, 1 - IR emitter cable, 1 - IR target cable. Powered by any USB charging port

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Bi-Directional Wireless IR Repeater (Up to 490ft)

For users looking to control IR devices inside a closed cabinet or away in another room, the bi-directional wireless IR repeater is the solution. For IR based devices, line of sight is required when controlling through an IR remote control. If you're locating the IR based device, whether this is a Blu-ray player, DVD player, etc. in a closed cabinet or another room where line of sight is not available, then our device allows control of these IR devices by providing line of sight. It does this wirelessly, allowing customized setups, while expanding the IR range up to 490 feet (150 meters).

Point to Point (Local)

In a typical point to point setup that is done locally, the IR devices you want to control are in a closed cabinet or not within line of sight, but placed in close proximity to your television or receiving device. This type of setup only requires one unit to be used as it does not need to be used wirelessly. In this setup, all you would need to do is plug the unit into an available USB charging port (usually provided on television sets or use a USB charger) and then plug the IR emitter cable into the IR Emitter port of the unit and then point the IR emitter eye at the device you want to control. Then you would plug the IR target cable into the IR target port. This is where you will be pointing the remote control towards the IR target eye. Note that in the setup, a dual IR emitter cable is used. By default, the package includes a single IR emitter cable, but the dual IR emitter cable can be purchased separately.

Point to Point (Wireless)

In a typical wireless setup, for control of an IR source when it's located in a closed cabinet or another room, the wireless IR repeater would be setup as a point to point connection where one unit would be placed near the device you want to control (Plug-in the IR emitter cable to the IR Emitter port and adjust the IR emitter eye to point at device's IR window) and the other unit would be placed where you'll be receiving IR signals from the remote control (Plug-in the IR target cable to the IR Target port. Make sure the remote control is pointing at the IR target's eye).

Zone Control

Unique to this wireless IR repeater is the ability for zone control. Zone control allows you to set different groups of devices for control. A switch is included in the back of the unit, allowing you to set up to 10 different zones. This allows you to specify unique groups of devices for control, useful for cases where you don't want to accidentally control two devices in the same space.

Bi-Directional Control

Since the unit includes both the IR emitter and IR target ports, this allows control in both directions. All you would have to do is plug in the IR emitter cable and IR target cable into the ports for bi-directional use.


  • Control IR devices that are located inside a closed cabinet, in another room, or out of line of sight by extending the IR signal wirelessly
  • Transfer wirelessly at distances up to 490 feet
  • Setup different IR modes:
    • Point to Point (Local)
    • Point to Point (Wireless)
    • Zone based
    • Bi-Directional
  • Compatible with 20-60Khz IR frequencies
  • 915MHz RF frequency
  • Channel selector on the device for setting different groups; 10 channels available. This prevents multiple sets of IR repeaters in the same location from accidentally getting controlled

UPC: 091324421145

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

IR Frequencies20-60Khz
RF Frequency915MHz
RF RangeUp to 490 feet (150 meters)
Channel PairingYes (Zones 0-9)
Bi-DirectionalYes (both units include IR emitter and IR target ports)
Power5V USB (minimum of 500mA)
CertificationsRoHS, CE, FCC, EMC
What's Included
Package Includes2 - Wireless IR Repeaters
1 - Single IR Emitter Cable
1 - IR Target Cable
1 - User Manual

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