Wireless IR Repeater (Up to 656ft)

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Product Highlights

  • Wirelessly expands IR range
  • Allows you to place source devices in another room while being able to control it from the television
  • Universal compatibility with all IR bands
  • Up to 656ft / 200m range (open space)
  • FSK modulation for a better signal and less RF interference when compared to ASK modulation

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Wireless IR Repeater (Up to 656ft)

The wireless IR repeater from PI Manufacturing lets you control your home theater devices from different rooms or areas wirelessly. Simply place the IR emitter by the source (such as a DVD or Blu-Ray player) and then place the IR receiver next to the display (such as a television or monitor) or anywhere where you want to point the remote control. This wireless IR repeater can extend up to 656 feet in an open space.

If you're planning to hide the IR emitter and receiver (i.e. placing them not in view of the source or display), you can use the included IR cables to also transmit and receive the IR signals. You would just need to plug the IR cables into the ports on both the emitter and receiver. An adhesive backing is including on the IR cables to mount onto the source and display.

How it Works

The IR receiver from the kit will mount onto the television where you will point your IR remote for control (Note that you must be in line of sight). The IR receiver will receive the remote control's commands and then wirelessly sends them to the IR emitter that is pointed at the source's (Blu-ray, etc.) IR.

Wireless Distance

Wireless distance can achieve up to 656 feet (200m). With the IR repeater kit, it extends the limitations of standard setups.

Controlling Multiple Devices

If you need to control multiple devices, place another IR emitter near the source that you want to control.

List of Incompatible Devices

  • Cisco Explorer 9865, 8742, 8640, 4640
  • Spectrum 8640, SMTH3272
  • Samsung 101-T, SMT-C5320
  • Arris VMS1100, IPC1100


  • Compatible with all IR remotes (20-60Khz frequencies)
  • IR sensitivity up to 23 feet away
  • Supports distances up to 656ft (200m in open space)
  • 915MHz RF frequency (US /Canada)
  • FSK modulation
    • Better signal sensitivity than ASK modulation
    • Better Anti RF-interference than ASK modulation
    • Better noise suppression
  • Digital encrypted function ensures safety and reliability
  • Easy to use, no additional wires needed
  • 2 x 5V DC / 500mA power adapters

Product Diagram (Using IR emitter and receiver)

Product Diagram 2 (Using IR cables while hiding IR emitter and receiver)

Product Diagram 3 (Control multiple sources)

Product Diagram 4 (Control multiple sources using IR cables)

UPC: 091324413492

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

IR Frequency20-60Khz
IR Sensitivity23 feet
RF Frequency915MHz
RF DistanceUp to 200 meters (656 feet)
Weight0.53 lbs
What's Included
Included in Package1 - Wireless Emitter
1 - Wireless Receiver
1 - IR Emitter Cables
1 - IR Receiver Cables
2 - 5V DC 500mA power adapters (1.1mm ID)

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The wireless IR repeater kit works universally with various brands. In rare cases where the remote control is not supported, please report the model number so that we can assist you further.
In our previous experience, ATT U-Verse models tend to have problems with the IR repeater, therefore we do not recommend using it with U-Verse models.
200 meters is based on open space (nothing in between). Distance will be limited with obstructions in the way, such as walls, cabinets, furniture, etc.
In certain cases, where you place the source device (Blu-ray, etc.) and IR wireless kit may make the difference. Since communication is done by radio frequency, if placing in a cabinet, if the material of the cabinet is metal, then the IR signal may not pass through it. In cases like this, either place the unit outside the cabinet or place it inside a cabinet that is not made out of metal.
The working distance between the IR receiver and remote control is determined by the IR signal power of the remote control. Due to this, make sure the batteries inside the remote control are sufficient (batteries are not low).
The emitters go to the source (Blu-ray, etc.) The receivers go to the television. At this time, these are sold as kits. As long as the Harmony hub supports IR, there is no additional piece, aside from connecting the IR cables if you want to hide the IR wireless emitter / receiver.

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