RCA Stereo Audio (L/R) Extender Over Ethernet Cable (up to 250ft)

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

PI Part #: TTA-1363A

RCA Stereo Audio (L/R) Extender Over Ethernet Cable (up to 250ft)

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Product Highlights

  • Transmits composite audio (RCA L/R) over Ethernet cable
  • Extends up to 250 feet
  • Bi-Directional connection (either end can transmit or receive)
  • Uses Cat5e or higher cables
  • 10Hz to 50kHz bandwidth

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Composite Audio (RCA L/R) Stereo Extender Over Ethernet Cable (up to 250ft)

Composite audio (RCA L/R) audio connections are limited to short distances. In order to find a solution to extending the distance of a composite connection, the composite audio (RCA L/R) stereo extender over Ethernet cable was developed. Like HDMI extenders that utilize Cat5e / 6 Ethernet cables to transmit over a longer distance, these composite audio extenders use exactly the same premise to extend distances up to 250 feet. The extender is passively powered (requires no power) and comes in a pair.


  • Up to 250ft of audio transmission over one UTP Ethernet Cat5e / 6 Ethernet cable
  • RCA L/R stereo audio male to male
  • 4" composite audio (RCA L/R) cables to balun
  • Bi-directional (either end can transmit or receive)
  • Bandwidth: 10Hz to 50kHz ±3dB
  • Plug and Play

UPC: 091324414499
Connectors2 - Composite Audio (RCA L/R)
2 - Ethernet
Ethernet TypeCat5e, Cat6 or higher
Adapter Length4 inches
DistanceUp to 250 feet
Bandwidth10Hz to 50kHz ±3dB

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