Decora Switch 120vac 15A 3 Way (GFCI) Receptacle

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD23361

PI Part #: SWTM-4-WH

Decora Switch 120vac 15A 3 Way (GFCI) Receptacle

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Decora Switch 120V 15A 3 Way (GFCI) Receptacle

PI manufacturing's diva toggle switches are designed for trouble-free mounting and wiring. The versatile switches can be either wired through the back or to the side based on the customer's preference. The back stabbing process is simply pushing the wire to create contact, however the side will provide for a more secure wire contact, in exchange for the effort expended for the side wiring process. These switches are of residential grade, still providing the standard 15A 120V found universally. The Decora switch functions decisively as the customer desires.


  • 3-way decorative switch with grounding screw
  • Quick wiring and side wiring
  • 120V quick switch

UPC: 091324273300

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