SC Loopback Test Cable - Multimode

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SC Loopback Test Cable - Multimode

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SC Loopback Tester Cable - Multimode

Fiber optics installment requires careful and meticulous handling. Due to the fact that the integrity of the signal is sensitive to any type of manipulation, there are many tools to diagnose and calibrate any errors that may be affecting the fiber optics performance. Amongst these tools are the loopback testers. This simple yet effective tool is compact in size and thorough in its process of determining the continuity of the signal from one end to the other. This specific loopback tester uses a SC connector, which fastens the optic cables with a snap on mechanism. By using PI Manufacturing's SC loopback tester, you will determine the source of your problem swiftly, allowing you to address the situation and experience the fiber optic transfer of data as they were manufactured for.


  • Compatible Connector: SC
  • Multimode

UPC: 091324221882

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

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