Home Structured Wiring Coaxial Splitter, 2 input, 6 output

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD19605

PI Part #: RS-004

Home Structured Wiring Coaxial Splitter, 2 input, 6 output

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Home Structured Wiring Coaxial Splitter, 2 input, 6 output

Splitters manage connections between one input and multiple outputs. They are very useful for systems where a signal from one device can be shared with multiple devices. Using these splitters, you can enjoy high-fidelity and stunningly realistic audio/video that only superior splitters can deliver.

PI Manufacturing's 2 IN and 6 OUT Coaxial splitter allows you to split a signal from a single cable to four other televisions or sources through F-type connectors. Our F-type connector bulkhead securely fastens the connection, shredding any concerns for unprompted detachment. This product has a steel plated frame to protect the intricate wiring. In addition, this box comes with screws to fasten on to wiring boxes. With the use of our coaxial splitter, you can enjoy your home theatre experience in more than one location with the relief of having to physically manipulate the wiring.


  • Cable TV to every room of the house
  • RF splitter is the distribution antenna
  • Insertion: 0 db 1 db
  • Isolation: 20 db
  • Return loss: 10 db
  • 15V 500mA Power Adapter Included

UPC: 091324270224

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