Solder Iron with Cleaning Ball 60w

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD18140

PI Part #: RD-7374C

Solder Iron with Cleaning Ball 60w

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Solder Iron with Cleaning Ball 60w

Manufacturing connectors, printed circuit boards, and more require soldering to ensure the connection between the wire and pins. For soldering to occur, PI Manufacturing has in stock a variety of soldering irons where they differ in size of tips, the method of receiving power, as well as other different features. This particular soldering iron receives power from a two-prong receptacle plug, and the iron emits heat of 60W In addition, this iron has an attached cleaning ball to get rid of any debris that might impede a clean connection. With its other features, this iron will make you more efficient in completing the soldering task.

UPC: 091324208401

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