500ft Siamese RG59 Braid Shield Video + Power Siamese Cable - Black (20AWG CCS + 18AWG CCA)

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD31042

PI Part #: POWER-RG59-2

500ft Siamese RG59 Braid Shield Video + Power Siamese Cable - Black (20AWG CCS + 18AWG CCA)

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500ft RG59 Braid Shield Video + Power Siamese Cable - Black (20AWG CCS + 18AWG CCA)

Power and data transfer with our RG59 Video + Power siamese cable. Our cable uses 2 wires, one for data and one for power to simplify and optimize your security camera installation. A local power source is no longer required to power your camera. Instead, the power is drawn from a power source from a remote area for a more convenient setup. 20 gauge wires supplied by the RG59 braid shield cable ensures that the cable can be pulled over longer distances and the power remains efficient throughout the connection. Our RG59 bulk cable is also braid shielded, increasing protection and durability. Our cable comes in a length of 500 feet.

  • RG59 OD: 6.1mm
  • RG59 Braid Shield
  • RG59 Cable: 20AWG
  • RG59 Center Conductor Diameter: 0.81mm
  • RG59 Material: CCS (21% conductivity)
  • RG59 Diameter Over Dielectric: FPE 3.7mm
  • RG59 Braid: CCA 0.12mm/128#
  • RG59 Jacket: 6.00.02mm PVC
  • Power Cable: 18AWG
  • Power Center Conductor Diameter: 0.38mm, 7C
  • Power Material: CCA
  • Power Diameter Over Dielectric: PE 1.85mm, 2C
  • Power Jacket: 3.810.02mm PVC
  • 500ft
  • Black wire


Guide for connecting your RG59 and RG6 cables to a weatherproof connector, using a crimp

Cable Compatibility

Coaxial Connector Compatible Fit
BNC male
F803-BNC-59-10 6mm red BNC male
F803-BNC-6-10 7mm black BNC male
FC-BM-710B2 7.5mm blue BNC male
F803-BNC-QD6-10 8mm blue BNC male
F803-BNC-GD6-GN 8mm green BNC male
FC-BM-710A2 8.5mm blue BNC male
BNC female
FC-BFM-710B1 7.5mm black BNC female
FC-BFM-710B2 7.5mm blue BNC female
FC-BFM-710A1 8.5mm black BNC female
FC-BFM-710A2 8.5mm `blue BNC female
F male
F803-F-10 7mm green F male
FC-710B1 7.5mm black F male
F803-F-QD-6-10 8mm black F male
FC-710A1 8.5mm black F male
FC-710A2 8.5mm blue F male
RCA male
F803-RCA-59-10 6mm red RCA male
F803-RCA-6-10 7mm black RCA male
FC-RM-710B1 7.5mm black RCA male
FC-RM-710B2 7.5mm blue RCA male
F803-RCA-QD6-10 8mm blue RCA male
FC-RM-710A2 8.4mm blue RCA male
RCA male 90°
FC-RML-710A2 8.5mm blue RCA male, right-angle
FC-RML-710B1 7.5mm black RCA male, right-angle
FC-RML-710B2 7.5mm blue RCA male, right-angle
RCA female
FC-RFM-710B1 7.5mm black RCA female
FC-RFM-710B2 7.5mm blue RCA female
FC-RFM-710A2 8.5mm blue RCA female
Bulk Cable
POWER-RG59-7 6mm black
POWER-RG6-500 7mm black
RG-6-U-1-BK 7mm black
RG-6-U-1-WH 7mm white

Compatibility Chart

RG59 / RG-6 Compatibility Chart
Cable Type RG59 RG6
Compatible Cables:



Shield: Dual / Braid Dual
Outer Diameter: 6.10mm 6.93mm
Compatible Connectors:



UPC: 091324361373

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Roger H. on 2015-09-09

Siamese cable review

The cable worked out great for my camera job. Good quality. The dispensing box was a bit fragile. Had to tape up due to weight of cable.

enigmatwo on 2014-08-15

Extremely Good Quality Cable

This was the first time I had purchased coax from PI... The price could not be beat and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cable comes in a spool out carton that makes one man installations a lot easier. Also this cable is more flexible than what I have used in the past which is another huge plus!

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