Cable Tester for BNC, RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 Networking and Phone Cables

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

PI Part #: PITS-UTP-3

Cable Tester for BNC, RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 Networking and Phone Cables

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Cable Tester for BNC, RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 Networking and Phone Cables

The PITS (Precision-i Test System) is a hand held, dual featured cable tester that tests for both continuity and connector wiring configuration of network and telephone cables. It checks for mis-wired connections, wire continuity, and network cable polarization. With the included terminator, you can even test cables in a cable channel. This hand-held cable tester is lightweight, economical, and quick and easy to operate -- a perfect, on-the-go tool for any electrician, technician, or network administrator.

This cable tester's next generation design allows you to differentiate between straight-through, cross-over, and reverse cables, by flashing eight LED's one by one in sequence, indicating the pinout configuration from one connector to the other.

  • Detachable master and remote units for versatile testing functionality.
  • BNC Coax, RJ45, and RJ11 connector test ports
  • 8 independent LED Displays + 1 shield LED display
  • Detachable remote unit
  • 9V battery not included
  • Deluxe black faux-leather carrying bag included
  • Includes a BNC terminator
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UPC: 091324122950

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Don on 2015-12-26

Cable Tester

This tester works great and very easy to use. The camera I was having trouble with tested as bad cable with this tester. I had replaced the camera twice and it would last sometime 3 days and as much as 2 weeks before going out.

Rickgwhe on 2015-05-27

Nice Tester

My old unit failed so ordered this model and works good. Use it all the time now.

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The cable tester is not designed for one end to be plugged into a computer or router. To test the cable, please make sure both ends are plugged into the attached units.

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