12V DC Power Distribution Box with Circulation Window, 18 Ports, 18 Amps, PTC Fuses, UL / cUL

Central power distribution for 12V DC cameras. Built-in heat sensor for optional fan installation

PI Part #: PIDB-12VDC-18B

12V DC Power Distribution Box with Circulation Window, 18 Ports, 18 Amps, PTC Fuses, UL / cUL

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  • 12V DC 18A power supply
  • 18 ports provided
  • PTC fuses to prevent replacing burnt fuses
  • Built-in circulation window with heat sensor
  • Punch-out holes for cable access

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12V DC Power Distribution Box with Circulation Window, 18 Ports, 18 Amps, PTC Fuses, UL / cUL

The 12VDC power distribution box powers up to 18 of your 12 Volt DC devices. Each of the 18 power outputs includes its own individual Polyfuse and LED light for monitoring the power status. The power distribution box also comes with a circulation window that provides passive and silent cooling for efficient operation. A 80mm fan (sold separately) can also be installed for extra cooling. A heat sensor is built into the power supply to automatically activate the fan when the temperature rises above a certain temperature to keep the power distribution box from overheating. Dependable, simple, and convenient, let PI Manufacturing keep your devices powered on and working great with our professional grade power distribution boxes.


  • 12 Volt DC 120V/240V switching power supply
  • Refurbished, 100 percent functional and full warranty included
  • Connect and power 18 devices simultaneously
  • Circulation window for 80mm fan (12V, 0.13A)
  • Built in heat sensor to automatically activate the fan (sold separately) when the temperature reaches 80 degree C; to keep power distribution box from overheating
  • UL / cUL recognized to meet safety requirements
  • Fan-less transformer to reduce noise
  • Each output comes with its own fuse and LED indicator
  • 18 Amps continuous current
  • 240 Watts total power output
  • 12V 2A per port, 18A total shared
  • Polyfuse:
    • 30V 2.5A
    • 18 polyfuses
  • Punch-out holes for allowing cable access are available on the following sides:
    • Top
    • Left Side
    • Right Side
    • Rear
  • Regulated
  • Measures 9 3/4" L x 3 3/4" D x 8 1/8" W
  • Beige housing
  • Heavy duty solid construction for installation in any environment
LED Power Status

A LED power status is included on each port indicating if power is being applied. If there is something wrong, such as an open fuse or another fault, the LED will not turn on.

PTC Fuse

Our fuse-free design prevents having to replace burned fuses. Instead, we utilize a resettable PTC fuse that reduces repair and service costs, while maintaining constant uptime.

12VDC at 18A Total Power

Regardless of how power hungry your cameras are, our power distribution boxes are able to supply enough power to support all of your cameras. Each port supplies 2A total for a total combined output of 18A. Powering your cameras just got easier.

Circulation Window

A circulation window provides passive cooling to the power distribution box. An optional 80mm cooling fan can be installed to provide extra cooling.

Built-in Heat Sensor

A built-in heat sensor automatically activates the fan when the temperature rises above 80 C. This allows quiet and cool operation wherever you're installing the unit.

Cable Access

Punch out holes located on the top, left, right, and the rear allow easy access for feeding wires.

UL / cUL Recognized

Our power distribution boxes are UL / cUL recognized, meeting strict requirements for safety.

UPC: 091324287260

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

AC Input
Input Voltage120 +/- 10% VAC
Input Frequency50/60 Hz.
Input Current8A RMS Max. for 120VAC
Inrush Current40A Max for 1 20VAC cold start
DC output
Voltage+12V DC
Tolerance+/- 5%
Each Port2.0A (2.5A Max) Resettable PPTC (Polyfuse)
Peak Current---
Ripple Noise120mV
Line Regulation+/- 1%
Load Regulation+/- 5%
Total Output216W Max
Efficiency85% min under max range load
Rise Time20mS max
Hold Up TimeMin 10mS at full load and nominal input voltage (+12V)
Stability+/- 0.5% after 24 hours warm up
Overshoot10% max, above the nominal voltage
Leakage Current3.5mA max at 120VAC
Output Protection
Short-Circuit+12V Output equipped with short circuit protection
Overcurrent+12V Output 150% max.
Over Voltage+12V Output: 13.6V max.
Operating0 C to 40 C
Operating Humidity20% to 90%RH
Operating Altitudeto 10,000 ft
Storage Temperature-20 C to 85 C
Storage Humidity10% to 95%RH
Storage Altitudeto 50,000 ft
CoolingNatural Draft
MTBF100k hours at max load, normal line and 25 degree C
Physical Dimensions210 (L) x 247 (W) x 90 (H)mm
AC ConnectorIEC 320 Type
DC Connectors Pitch: 8.25mm
Wire Range: 22-12AWG, 300V, 20A
Safety Standards
UL (UL1012) and cUL RatedYes
EMC Standards
Dielectric Withstand (Hi-Pot)
Input to Output1500VAC for 1 second
Input to Frame1500VAC for 1 second
Insulation Resistance
Input to Output500VDC / 50M ohm;
Input to Frame500VDC / 50M ohm;

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Well Worth The Money on 2/9/2016

Well Worth The Money

This is an excellent power distribution box. I purchased this box for a 16 camera 720p HD security camera system for my home that I needed due to a recent breaking and entering. I spent many hours online researching power distribution boxes and this was the best one I could find with the LEDs, resettable fuses and amperage I wanted. The first one I received had inadvertent damage to the resettable fuses which was probably caused during the packaging process but when I alerted PI Manufacturing to the damage the company immediately created the necessary RMA and shipped a replacement before receiving the damaged one. There was absolutely no hesitation on their part. They didn't question the damage. That's the type of excellent customer service that most consumers can only dream of. It's a rarity in any industry. Alas, once they shipped out the replacement and before I received it I decided that I wanted to go with a high-end 1080p HD IP66 POE security camera system, negating the need for this power distribution box. I returned the 16 camera 720p HD analog camera system to the business I purchased it from and will now spend a few days configuring my 16 camera POE system before ordering it. I have no intention of returning the replacement power distribution box to PI Manufacturing for two reasons. One, it's a high quality, inexpensive product that my neighbor, a retired electrical engineer who still does work in his field, will probably be able to use it in whole or the parts contained within it. He has cleared my driveway of snow using his snow blower on many occasions and I owe him big time. Two, I appreciate very much the fact that PI Manufacturing bent over backwards to replace the damaged unit. All in all, I am extremely pleased with PI Manufacturing, a company I can trust completely. I don't often run into a company with such high standards and excellent customer service and you can believe me when I say that I am not easily impressed. PI Manufacturing will be the first company I look to when it comes to future orders of the products I need.

ALARMTECH on 2/1/2016

Camera power supply

This is a great power supply with enough amps to run all your cameras

MDS on 8/27/2015

CCTV Power Supply fan issue.

Nice Power supply for the price point. If you want properly cooling you must install the fan. You must buy the fan separately and install it which is no problem but you need to also buy the bolts to mount the fan. It would make better sense to have the fan already installed for a couple of $$ more to avoid all the hassle. There are no instructions on where to plug fan into PCB and the terminals are hard to see. If you need a power supply that big you NEED A FAN or it will overheat.

Staff Response: Our UL rated power supplies typically do not need a fan to operate. Our previous model, several customers wanted us to remove the fan, therefore we removed it for our current version but made it optional for a fan. Note that our power supplies are UL tested and approved without the fan, therefore in most situations, it will not overheat. We will add instructions on where to plug in the fan for future references.

AVL CCTV on 2/24/2014

Finally there is a quiet camera power supply

My clients are frequently complaining about the noise from other camera power supplies. now, i source this one from Pi and my clients are happy

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The power distribution box will shut down in order to protect itself and the devices plugged in. This is the overload protection at work.
No, the unit comes with a PTC fuse.
During the night, the IR sensors for the cameras may have turned on, increasing the power needed by the camera. Subsequently, this may exceed the total current provided by the power distribution box. In cases like this, we recommend decreasing the cameras provided to operate within the current limits and purchasing an additional power supply to divide the power needed for the cameras.
This is the overload protection at work. Even though the total cameras are usually functioning correctly for your setup, if one of the cameras are overloading one of the ports, even if it may seem like its working, prolonged stress at the higher amperage for the port will shut off that port, along with all the other ports on the unit.
Once the power distribution box cools down, you may manually turn the unit back on again by toggling the switch back on.

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