6 Piece Reversible Mini Screwdriver Set

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD14936

PI Part #: PI-F901

6 Piece Reversible Mini Screwdriver Set

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6 Piece Reversible Mini Screwdriver Set

The most commonplace tool that is a must have is a screwdriver, however just one screwdriver is not enough. With all the different types of screws and bolts, the screwdriver must have all sorts of ends. In response to this need, PI Manufacturing provides this mini screwdriver with 6-reversible-pieces set of crosses, flat, and more. With the versatility and of this screwdriver, this will limit the number of tools necessary to get the job done and conveniently mobile.


  • (+)#0 & (-)3, (+)1 & (-)4, T6 & T&, T8 & T9, T10 & T15 Reversible Handle

    UPC: 091324180905

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