66 Impact Punch Down Tool with Cutter

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD14700

PI Part #: PI-66P

66 Impact Punch Down Tool with Cutter

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Impact Punch Down Tool with 66 Blade

Telecommunication requires an intricate network of UTP wires. To obtain the most efficient system and to suit to specific demands, you will need PI manufacturing's punch down tool to build the telecommunication board. Our punch down tool is designed to switch out blades to terminate cables and cross connect wires in response to the termination block. This punch down tool also has a high/low impact mechanism that helps the user assess that the wire has proper contact. In addition, it has a blade storage compartment for safety purpose. By using our punch down tool, you will feel confident that the job will be done easily and swiftly.


  • Blade Type: 66

UPC: 091324089741

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Guest on 2015-03-18


I am very satisfied with the product!

Guest on 2015-03-17


I am very satisfied with the product!

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