Solderless Breadboard 300 Tie Point, 2 Bus Strips

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD14500

PI Part #: PI-08010

Solderless Breadboard 300 Tie Point, 2 Bus Strips

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Solderless Breadboard 300 Tie Point, 2 Bus Strips

PI Manufacturing provides breadboards of different sizes and numbers of terminal strip points. Breadboard is an evolution of stripboard and prototyping printed circuit boards in that this product allows for the build of prototypes without the need of permanent soldering. Using our breadboards will dramatically reduce the cost of purchasing multiple boards and makes life simpler to make adjustments to the prototype before a massive production of printed circuit boards for consumption.

  • Square hole breadboard
  • 1 terminal strip 300 tie point, 2 bus strips 100 tie point
  • ABS plastic body and nickel-plated phosphor bronze contacts
  • Contact resistance less than 1 milliohm@1KHz
  • Snap lock molded dove-tail for combining multiple boards
  • ISO 9001-2008 approved

UPC: 091324219797

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