Passive Video Balun Keystone Jack, Female BNC - White

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD13789

PI Part #: NVA-A-501-WH

Passive Video Balun Keystone Jack, Female BNC - White

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Passive Video Balun Keystone Jack, Female BNC - White

PI Manufacturing's passive video balun keystone jacks are adapters of terminal type connectors to female BNC connector. To maintain the integrity of the video signal, it is recommended to not have the cable run more than 1000 ft. If the video signal must be carried over longer distances, we would suggest incorporating an active video balun to the setup. By inserting this keystone to your keystone wallplate, there will be less visible clutter, and this setup will allow you to customize and organize the security system that is most suitable

  • White passive video balun keystone with female BNC connector
  • Terminal block to Cat5 cable

Diagram Example Setup

Distance chart for passive/active video

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Video Balun FAQ

Video Balun User Manual

UPC: 091324278251
Usage: Either Camera or Monitor Side
Device category: Passive
Connector for camera/monitor: BNC Male
Maximum Distance: 1000 ft
Wire required: Cat5, Cat6, or phone cable
Connector type: terminal block
AC Adapter Requirement: Passive Video Balun (Without Power)
Remote power transmission: None
Dimensions 1.38" long x 0.63" wide x 0.63" high (34mm x 16mm x 16mm)
Weight: 0.7 oz (18 g)Frequency response: DC to 6.5 MHz
Attenuation: RL = 75 to 100: 0.4 dB, RL = 75 to 600: 1.2 dB
Impedance: Coax - 75 ohm, UTP / telephone cable - 100/600 ohm
Coax: unbalanced, 75 ohm
UTP C5E: Balanced twisted pair, 24AWG/ 100 ohm
Telephone cable: Balanced twisted pair, 26-28 AWG, 600 ohm

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sgp on 2016-02-09

Fits well, holds well

fits a keystone jack well!

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No, it does not work with HD-TVI cameras. For a complete list of HD-TVI compatible baluns, please go to the following sections:

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