2.5 inch IDE HDD USB 2.0 Portable Media Enclosure with TV out/OTG function

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD12742

PI Part #: ME-820

2.5 inch IDE HDD USB 2.0 Portable Media Enclosure with TV out/OTG function

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2.5 inch IDE HDD USB 2.0 Portable Media Enclosure with TV out/OTG function

Living in a constantly evolving technological world, PI Manufacturing keeps up by offering computer parts to its customer with the purpose to make their experience more convenient, efficient, and compatible to up-to-date machinery. Our portable media enclosure for 2.5" IDE HDD provides the protection for hard drive disks that stores media data. This product is also configured so that any media stored within this hard drive disk within the media enclosure can be displayed directly onto the television, on top of its ability to transfer data to computers and recording devices. In addition, a remote control is included for the convenience of the user. By using our product, you can simply share media data without concerns of damaging the disk for the enclosure are sturdy and durable.


  • Easily connect from its audio,video toTV, LCD TV & Hi-Fi speakers without requiring any desktop or laptop PC.
  • Stores and manages Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and more into its hard disk drive, and play them directly on a TV, LCD TV or projector.
  • Supports, JPG baseline and progressive up to 8 mega pixel and Motion JPEG
  • Under Host mode, backup files directly from digital still cameras, card readers, pen drives and more without requiring any desktop or laptop PC.
  • Supports multiple MPEG formats: MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4
  • Stores and manage thousands of MP3 music, play them in Normal/Pop/Classic/Jazz/Rock/Ballet sound effects.
  • Play and enjoy favorite songs directly on TV/LCD /TV/ LCD monitor with attached speakers.
  • Enjoy MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG on TV
  • Under device mode, it is an additional drive on your computer with 2.5" hard disk drive capacity at 480Mbps throughput.
  • Quick-Media-Play, a customizing embedded OS with a remotee control facilitates playback of Movie/MP3/Picture/File Editing.
  • Easily download and upgrade the latest firmware for more supported formats and higher performance.
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UPC: 091324275229

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Jude on 2015-09-27


Not bad for the price but when it comes time to find some support you have to make an internet research because in the manual they even not mention a web adress or the name of the company, you have to google "ME-820AO". On top of that the company does not support that model. FAT16 or Fat32 files are supported only, plus dont forget the resolution is NTSC 720x480 or PAL 720/576. The manual could be confusing at time because it's not well explained.

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