Varifocal Auto Iris DC Lens, 6-60mm, f1.6, for CCTV Cameras

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD12167

PI Part #: LENS-V6-60-16DC

Varifocal Auto Iris DC Lens, 6-60mm, f1.6, for CCTV Cameras

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6-60mm Vari-Focal & Auto Iris Lenses - DC Driver

This high quality lens from PI Manufacturing stand alone at the top in terms of picture quality and reliability. The cleverly designed lenses easily mount into any 1/3" camera with a CS-type mount. The automatically adjusting iris detects the amount of light in the environment and readjusts the amount entering the lens and presents only the best possible picture. Additionally, the variable focal length extends and retracts permitting you to customize your personal preference for your desired point of interest. These two functions combined makes sure that your pictures remain at paramount focus to maintain a constant and reliable view. Used to upgrade any 1/3" camera, these carefully manufactured camera lenses offer the clearest and most vivid pictures possible with your camera by utilizing the camera's ability to capture the exact visual input from the lens. They are also easily detached and attached for upgrading existing cameras.

Product Description

  • Focal Length: 6-60mm
  • For use with any 1/3" camera
  • Mount type: CS
  • Aperture: F1.6-360
  • Diagonal Angle/Degree (Field of view): 55o30'-5o46"
  • Auto Iris DC
  • Variable focal
  • Easy to mount and focus

UPC: 091324280841

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