Die for RG11,174,213 (For Crimping tool HT-336-FM)

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD9846

PI Part #: HT-336-3K5-DIE

Die for RG11,174,213 (For Crimping tool HT-336-FM)

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Die for RG11,174,213 (For Crimping tool HT-336-FM)

Dies are molding tools that exist to manipulate different materials into the item that is in need via a crimping method. PI Manufacturing is a one-stop shop for we provide a slew of different dies that are designed for the HT-336 series tool. We have in stock the best quality dies available and in conjunction with the crimping tool, you will experience the capabilities first hand.

  • Die for RG11, RG-174, RG-213
  • Sizes: 0.08" 0.1" 0.429"
  • Compatible with HT-336F2

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