5-Pair 110 Punch Down Tool

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD9829

PI Part #: HT-315DR

5-Pair 110 Punch Down Tool

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5-Pair 110 Punch Down Tool

Rather than a universal networking system, networking systems manifest in a wide variety. They are manufactured in response to the intent and purpose for that certain networking system. Just as there are specific types of connections and terminal blocks, there are specific tools that must be used. Here is a 5-pair 110 punch down tool. Some of its unique features are its capabilities to reverse and change out the termination block heel. The rubber handle also allows for a firm grasp of the tool, which will make a tool feel like an extension of your body. With the use of our efficient networking punch down tool, you will have accomplished creating a networking system all of your own.

  • For use on Lan and Telecom, seating 5 pairs UTP (24 AWG) at a time.
  • Suitable for both 110 type cable side and cross-connect side terminals blocks.
  • The termination block heel w/blades are changeable and reversible. One end for seating and cutting off wires, and the other end for seating wires only.
  • For Terminal Block : 5 pairs type, use on 110 terminal block.

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