IR over HDMI Control Kit (w/ Dual Band Support)

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Product Highlights

  • Extends IR signal over HDMI
  • Allows control of devices in cabinets, closets, etc.
  • Support for distances up to 325 feet
  • Dual band IR emitter / receiver
  • Compatible with most receivers (ATT U-Verse boxes are not supported)

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IR over HDMI Control Kit

The problem with locating your audio/video devices in a closed cabinet or another room is that it breaks the line of sight that the remote control relies on. PI Manufacturing's IR control kit turns any HDMI cable into an IR controller, allowing you to keep all your IR devices, such as a Blu-ray player in a closed cabinet or in another room while still being able to control it from your display device located in your central home theater room, such as a HDTV.

Our Solution

PI Manufacturing's IR control kit allows the user to control audio/video devices that are not in direct line of sight of the remote control. It does this by using the HDMI cable's CEC channel to transmit the IR signal. You can switch between CEC or IR mode. To connect the IR control kit, place both ends of the HDMI cable with the supplied HDMI IR adapters. Connect the IR TX pigtail to the HDMI IR adapter at the source end (Blu-ray player, etc.) and then the IR RX pigtail to the HDMI IR adapter at the display end (HDTV). The IR control kit allows extensions up to 325 feet and can also be used on HDMI switches, splitters, or HDMI extenders.


  • Allows IR control over any HDMI cable
  • Control your source device, such as a Blu-ray player even when it's in a closed cabinet or room
  • Can be used on HDMI cables, HDMI switches, HDMI splitters, and HDMI extenders
  • Distances up to 325ft
  • No power needed
  • Updated to dual band emitter
  • IR or CEC configurable
  • IR kit includes: 1 x IR sender, 1 x IR receiver, 2 x HDMI IR adapters

NOTE: When the source and display both support the CEC function and you need the CEC function, you can switch to CEC mode (CEC mode is most often used in settings where the remote controller can control both the display and source without using separate remote controls). In most cases, if one of the devices does not support the CEC function, and you need to control the DVD from the display end, then switch to the IR mode.

This product is incompatible with ATT U-verse cable boxes

UPC: 091324361861

IR over HDMI Control Kit

Compliant with HDCP 1.2
Supports resolutions up to 1080p
IR or CEC configurable
IR Frequencies: 33khz - 60khz (dual band emitter)

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AutomationDave on 2016-07-05


After trying many other items like TREK remote anywhere, had so many RF and IR issues I decided to try the IR by way of HDMI and after a quick order and fast delivery from PI MANUFACTURING , the connection was simple and nothing bulking around you component like TV or BR player and it covered a long distance through my 100 ft HDMI cable through out my house I saved hundreds of dollars when a home theater company wanted to charge me over $700 in installation costs so this is a great idea.

MrEE on 2016-03-27

Great Product

Great little product. I use it to send IR remote control signals from my Verizon FIOS remote to the set top box located in a cabinet.

Max on 2016-02-01

Works very well

My wanted a clean design for the TV after he remodeled his living room. He wanted the cable box (Time Warner's Scientific Atlanta box) in the basement but still usable for the upstairs TV. After looking at many different IR products, I found this on YouTube and pulled the trigger after live chatting with a representative. We just installed it yesterday (super super simple and no hassle) and it works very well. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to hide any auxiliary inputs for you TV!

C Trapp on 2015-11-23

Good Product

The HDMI kit works really well. I was told I needed a $400 setup with a remote. I watched the video and it worked great with my system. My will love me for her not getting up and pointing the remote in the closet to change the channels in our new house. Thanks so much!!!! Trapp family

Tmicc on 2015-06-23

Finally able to hide my cable box

I used the IR over HDMI to hide my Cable Box in my dresser drawer to make the TV setup look better without the cable box. The IR over HDMI cable worked great and was easy to setup. I connected the cords, let the cable box reset and I was able to change my cable channel with the sensor while my cable box was hidden. If the cord came with some instructions it would make it a little more easier to setup. I didn't know at first that I had to reset the cable box for the connections to work. Great value. I will be buying another one and a friend wants to buy one for himself also.

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This is a one-to-one solution. We do not recommend running anything else in conjunction.
Yes, as long as the spare HDMI cable is plugged into both the source (Blu-ray, etc.) and display.

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