Wireless HDMI Extender (Up to 656ft One-to-One at 1080p, Split to More Monitors)

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PI Part #: HDMI-HDWI-200M

Wireless HDMI Extender (Up to 656ft One-to-One at 1080p, Split to More Monitors)

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Product Highlights

  • Wirelessly transmit HDMI signals up to 656 feet
  • Resolution up 1080p 60Hz
  • Can use up to 2 receivers on the same connection; acts as a HDMI splitter
  • Supports IR remote control
  • Wall mountable

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Wireless HDMI Extender (Up to 656ft One-to-One at 1080p, Split to More Monitors)

Wirelessly extend HDMI signals up to 656 feet. The wireless HDMI extender supports resolutions up to 1080p 60Hz. Additionally, 2 receivers can also be used on the same connection, allowing it to act as a splitter. The units are wall mountable, allowing easy installation in residential or commercial applications.

Eliminate Cabling, Simplify Installation

There are two primary ways to extend a HDMI connection. You can either run a long cable or extend over an Ethernet cable. Both ways involve running cabling, which can be an issue in certain applications. By extending the HDMI connection wirelessly, not only do you eliminate cabling, but it gives you more flexibility in where you place your HDMI source and display. Imagine placing the HDMI source upstairs in a closet, while placing the television outside, in a patio. This can be easily done with the wireless HDMI extender.

Up to 656 feet Distance

We get it. You need a setup that spans a long distance. Our wireless HDMI extender allow distances up to 656 feet, covering most residential homes and businesses (Note: wireless distance varies. Factors such as concrete or metal may decrease the distance. We suggest testing the setup to determine maximum distance capability for your particular application.)

One to One or One to Two

Setup the HDMI wireless extender to display in a one to one configuration (one source to one display) or add an extra HDMI wireless receiver to split the HDMI signal to a second display (one to many).

IR Support

IR cables are included so that you can control your HDMI source through your remote display. Simply point the IR emitter towards the IR sensor of the source, and set the IR receiver anywhere where you will be pointing the remote at, and you're ready to control.

Please Note: Only the IR emitters that come with the product are compatible. IR emitters that are not purchased with this kit will not work

Additional receivers can be bought separately here HDMI-HDWI-RX

  • Extends HDMI signal wirelessly
  • 1080p @ 60Hz up to 656ft away
  • Can use up to 2 receivers on the same connection
  • Wall mountable for convenient installation
  • Supports IR remote control functions
  • 5VDC power adapters included
  • Resolution
    • 480i/480p
    • 720p
    • 1080i
    • 1080p
  • Includes sender unit, receiver, 2 x AC adapters, 2 x IR cables
  • Compliant to HDCP
  • Supports all HDMI features including full HD 1080p deep color, lip sync, CEC and all high resolution multi-channel audio format, including Dolby digital plus, 7.1 LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTs Master Audio
  • Power Consumption: TX: 8.5W, RX: 5.5W
  • Easy installation, plug-and-play

Diagram 1: General Connection

Diagram 2: Split Connection

UPC: 091324411436
HDMI SignalFull compatibility with HDCP
Transport ProtocolHDbitT
Supported Resolution480i @ 60Hz, 480p @ 60Hz, 576i @ 50Hz, 720p @ 50/60Hz, 1080i @ 50/60Hz, 1080p @ 50/60Hz
IR Frequency20 ~ 60kHz
Transmit DistanceUp to 656ft (200m) at 1080p 60Hz
Working Temperature0°C ~ 60°C
Power SupplyDC5V, 3A
Power ConsumptionTX: 8.5W; RX: 5.5W
Product Dimension (W x L x H)195.4 x 137.5 x 30.8mm (x2)
What's in the Box
HDMI-HDWI-200M (TX)1pc
HDMI-HDWI-200M (RX)1pc
IR (TX)1pc
IR (RX)1pc
Power Supply2pcs
User Manual1pc

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They cannot be reversed, however you can use our IR wireless extender (part number: TTA-1369) and run it in parallel for your setup.
The extender does not require line of sight

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