39ft Fiberglass Fish Rods with 10 Piece Screw-on Accessory For Cable Access - 12 x 3.3ft Sticks (OD: 7mm)

PI Part #: FTP-6712FC

39ft Fiberglass Fish Rods with 10 Piece Screw-on Accessory For Cable Access - 12 x 3.3ft Sticks (OD: 7mm)

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Product Highlights

  • 39ft (12m) fiberglass fish rods for guiding cables through tight spaces
  • 12 pieces fish rods (8 x yellow, 2 x red, 1 x white flexible, 1 x glow in the dark)
  • 10 piece accessory (hook, ring, etc)
  • Great for electrical, telecom, indoor, outdoor, ceiling, flooring, conduit, etc
  • Bright color rods for easier visibility when running

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39ft Fiberglass Fish Rods with 10 Piece Screw-on Accessory For Cable Access - 12 x 3.3ft Sticks (OD: 7mm)

PI Manufacturing's fiberglass fish rod is an essential tool that will shave off the time it will take to accomplish your task. Each fiberglass rod is 3.3ft long (1m) and when all assembled together a total length of 39ft (12m) can be reached. Made from a fiberglass material, these fish rods can withstand harsh turns, bends and is also durable enough to be pulled through different surfaces without breaking. These fiberglass fish rods feature a variety of tips and attachments that help make your installation projects more versatile. All the fish rods and accessories come packaged in a clear carrying tube making it convenient for storage and travel.

Easy to Connect

PI Manufacturing's fiber glass fish rod come in a 3.3ft length (1m) and each feature a spiral joint end making it easy to assemble and dissemble. With 12 fiber fish sticks included, a total of 39ft (12m) can be achieved when all connected. Perfect for ceiling ducts, wall cavities, trunking under floorboards, and more projects requiring cabling pulling.

Strong, Flexible, and Versatile

Made from a fiberglass material, these fish rods are much more flexible and forgiving compared to other material fish sticks. The low friction design makes the rod withstand harsh turns, bends, and makes cable pulling a breeze.

Multi-Functional Use

The fiber fish rod kit includes a total of 10 accessory pieces (flexible leader, rope chain, magnetic head, eyelet ring, hook, female to female coupler, light up head, push head, end cap head, twist head). Each accessory piece serves a purpose and can be easily interchanged, making it very convenient for different job situations. A clear carrying tube is included to store all the fish rods and accessories.


  • 12 piece fiberglass fish stick with 10 piece accessory
    • 8 x Yellow fish rod
    • 2 x Red fish rod
    • 1 x Glow in the dark rod
    • 1 x White flexible rod
  • For gaining access to wires and cables that are under floorboards, above ceilings, trucking and wall cavities
  • Rods screw together to make longer lengths for fishing wire in existing walls and attics or across drop ceilings
  • Each fiber fish rod is 3.3ft long (1m), 12 pieces combined for a total length of 39ft (12m)
  • Rod overall diameter: 7mm
  • Interchangeable screw on/off tips for convenient modification, includes hook end, ring end, and flexible extender
  • Fiber glass material: lightweight, durable, and flexible
  • 10 piece accessory
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, and store
  • Convenient clear carrying tube that fits all the fish rods and accessories
  • Bright color: Yellow, red, and glow in the dark rods are easily visible in crowded conduit or piping
  • Great for indoor, outdoor, ceiling, underground, etc

What's Included

  • 8 x Yellow fish rod
  • 2 x Red fish rod
  • 1 x White flexible fish rod
  • 1 x Glow in the dark fish rod
  • 1 x Clear carrying tube with cap
  • Accessories (10 pieces)
    • 1 x Flexible steel leader
    • 1 x Rope chain
    • 1 x Magnetic search head
    • 1 x Eyelet ring
    • 1 x Hook head
    • 1 x Female to female coupler
    • 1 x Light up head
    • 1 x Push head
    • 1 x End cap head
    • 1 x Twist head

UPC: 091324439294

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

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