2 Port Remote Internet Controllable Power Strip (Automatic Reset / Power On/Off)

Reset routers automatically when internet connectivity is lost. Turn on / off devices

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

PI Part #: ETPW-522B

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Product Highlights

  • Remotely turn on / off Devices
  • Internet monitoring to power cycle routers when connectivity is lost
  • Set scheduling options for connected devices
  • Sequential powering on / off of devices
  • Remotely control via Cloud, DDNS, or by Google Hangouts

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Firmware for 4/16/2019 has been released. We recommend downloading to the latest firmware from the resources tab.

2 Port Remote Internet Controllable Power Strip (Automatic Reset / Power On/Off)

Updated to a more powerful CPU with more features, the remote internet controllable power strip is designed to automatically reset a router when internet connectivity is lost. It also features 2 outlets to allow you to remotely turn on/off up to 2 devices either through a web browser or Google Talk.

This device is useful when a router needs to be reset due to a connection being dropped. The internet controllable power strip features a powerful internet monitoring feature called UIS that detects when the internet stops working. If it detects the internet is offline, it will automatically reset the router and then afterwards test the network to see if everything is back online. The other feature of the device allows you to remotely turn on/off up to 2 devices using either a web browser or Google Hangouts. This device is a perfect complement to routers and devices that need the ability to turn on/off remotely over the internet, such as NAS drives, IP cameras, or even lights.

Note: Although the unit can be configured via DHCP, since DHCP will automatically renew the lease after a set time, we recommend that you configure the unit to have a fixed IP so it won't lose the connection. Please make sure to set a fixed IP if you don't want the connection to reset randomly.


  • Two outlet strip with internet monitoring features
  • Can detect when the internet is no longer accessible and will automatically power cycle an attached router
  • RJ-45 network connection, which is used to monitor internet connectivity and allow access to this unit remotely
  • Can be accessed over the internet and manually controlled. Can be used to reset IP cameras, servers, NAS, etc., and to turn lights on/off remotely
  • Outlets can be controlled by web browser or by Google Hangouts
  • Supports Dynamic DNS services
  • Option to ping LAN IP or WAN IP
  • Scheduling - up to 20 schedules to power on or off specific ports at specific times
  • Perform sequential power ON/OFF if a device need to be powered on before the other
  • 10A thermal fuse
  • One additional 5VDC 500mA USB charger port
  • Reset button for resetting the unit without unplugging the power

How it Works

UPC: 091324412525

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

RoHS Compliant
Plug Type2 x US sockets
Electrical Rating10 amp, 100-250V AC (50 / 60Hz)
Available Outlets2 x fixed
Internet Controllable Sockets2 x fixed
Power On/Off SwitchIndividual outlet power On/Off LED button
Power IndicatorOrange LED
Reset to Factory DefaultLong press all 3 LED buttons
Internet IndicatorGreen LED
Web Server CPU32-bit RISC CPU
Supported BrowsersIE / Java
Supported Network ProtocolsHTTP
Dynamic DNS
DNS Client
Network Access10/100 Base-T RJ45
Operating Environment0°C to 60°C at 10%-90% relative humidity (for indoor use only)

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DaveMattingly on 12/29/2016

Used it on a Router

I used the device on an old router. It worked as advertised in resetting the device when the internet dropped.

Guest on 12/20/2016

Good Add-On

With the increasing amount of products that are made for the Internet of Things, when it comes down to it, your router plays an important role. If your internet connection becomes lost, so does all of your devices that rely on it. With this unit, it keeps your internet running by resetting your router whenever you lose internet connectivity. Now, this doesn't mean that it's a panacea since if the ISP is down, even if it resets the router, it will make no difference, however if all things are good (ISP is online, modem is online) and the root cause is the router, at least at that point, the automatic reset will help without you manually having to unplug / plug back in the power on the router.

Edward on 12/9/2016

Updated to New Version

This new updated version 522b when compared to 322b adds a manual reset button along with some hardware improvements that seem to make the updated unit even better. I would recommend this product to those that have spotty router connections.

Chris on 12/9/2016

Remote Power and Reset

In an age where people rely on their routers to provide the internet, this device does its job by monitoring and automatically resetting the router when the internet is down.

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Yes, the unit can schedule restarts based on each outlet.
The one listed on the website is correct. Firmware version 6627.
The USB port provides 500mA of power for USB devices. It is not intended for any other use.

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