2 Port Remote Internet Controllable Power Strip (Automatic Reset / Power On/Off)

PI Part #: ETPW-322B

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Update: 08/18/2016 Please update the firmware to version 6818 for updated changes to Google Hangouts. In order for Google Hangouts to function on the unit, you must update the firmware to the latest version. You can find the firmware update on the resources tab of this page.

2 Port Remote Internet Controllable Power Strip (Automatic Reset / Power On/Off)

The remote internet controllable power strip is designed to automatically reset a router when internet connectivity is lost. It also features 2 outlets to allow you to remotely turn on/off up to 2 devices either through a web browser or Google Talk.

This device is useful when a router needs to be reset due to a connection being dropped. The internet controllable power strip features a powerful internet monitoring feature called UIS that detects when the internet stops working. If it detects the internet is offline, it will automatically reset the router and then afterwards test the network to see if everything is back online. The other feature of the device allows you to remotely turn on/off up to 2 devices using either a web browser or Google Talk. This device is a perfect complement to routers and devices that need the ability to turn on/off remotely over the internet, such as NAS drives, IP cameras, or even lights.

Note: Although the unit can be configured via DHCP, since DHCP will automatically renew the lease after a set time, we recommend that you configure the unit to have a fixed IP so it won't lose the connection. Please make sure to set a fixed IP if you don't want the connection to reset randomly.

  • Two outlet strip with internet monitoring features
  • One additional 5VDC 500mA USB charger port
  • Can detect when the internet is no longer accessible and will automatically power cycle an attached router
  • RJ-45 network connection, which is used to monitor internet connectivity and allow access to this unit remotely
  • Can be accessed over the internet and manually controlled. Can be used to reset IP cameras, servers, NAS, etc., and to turn lights on/off remotely
  • Outlets can be controlled by web browser or by Google Talk
  • Supports Dynamic DNS services such as DynDNS
  • Option to ping LAN IP or WAN IP
  • Scheduling - up to 20 schedules to power on or off specific ports at specific times
  • Perform sequential power ON/OFF if a device need to be powered on before the other
  • 10A thermal fuse

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How it Works

UPC: 091324350131

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

Plug Type2 x US sockets
Electrical Rating10 amp, 100-250V AC (50 / 60Hz)
Available Outlets2 x fixed
Internet Controllable Sockets2 x fixed
Power On/Off SwitchIndividual outlet power On/Off LED button
Power IndicatorOrange LED
Reset to Factory DefaultLong press all 3 LED buttons
Internet IndicatorGreen LED
Web Server CPU32-bit RISC CPU
Supported BrowsersIE / Java
Supported Network ProtocolsHTTP
Dynamic DNS
DNS Client
Network Access10/100 Base-T RJ45
Operating Environment0°C to 60°C at 10%-90% relative humidity (for indoor use only)


Software and Drivers

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kend on 2/19/2016

Works but could use some firmware tweaks

The unit works but could use some firmware tweaks. Once you setup the unit to ping a website the ping continues 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This causes unwanted resets in the middle of the night when the internet service providers interrupt the broadband circuits to perform routine maintenance on their equipment. If there was a method to schedule when the pings occur the device would be greatly improved. I have suggested this firmware change to the manufacture but have not received a response.

Brad on 1/28/2015

Great IP Remote Power Switch for the money

Opening the manual for no other reason than to look up the username and password of the unit I was live and operational within 15 minutes. Very easy to set up and use if you have a little basic IP experience. I bought this device to control my downspout heater cables as needed from my iPhone. Works great! Will save me a lot of power bill money! One undocumented feature I really like is that you can have multiple instances of the web interface open on multiple devices at the same time. If one of the instances issues a command the others will instantly show the new status of the relays/outlet power. Even if the outlet power is toggled manually on the device all of the instances will update instantly. Very handy! The construction of the unit feels solid and well made. PI shipped the unit to me at the speed of light. I am considering buying another to put up at the cabin to turn on/off my heat and a light. Lot's of worth while uses for this device. Brad

Cory on 9/10/2014


For my purposes, this device works like a charm. My router is upstairs and I don't like to manually climb the stairs every time just to reset the router. This device does it automatically for me.

James on 9/5/2014


This thing has never worked or done anything it was supposed to do. My internet connection drops off line many times a day and it's supposed to reconnect automatically. The green light goes out and stays out until I hold down the orange light and then turn it back on. That just turns off the power and resets my router.

Staff Response: Hi James, thanks for your review. Have you checked the UIS light on the front of the unit? It should be a solid blue light. If this is not on, the unit won't automatically power cycle. This can also be turned on through the web interface. Our ETPW-322B is backed by a 1 year warranty, so if there is an issue, we can replace the unit at no cost to you.

Darrell on 7/30/2013

Just Right

This device is just what I needed to restart my device remotely

Sean on 7/18/2013

Life Saver

Used it on a wonky Linksys router and I never looked back. Love the power cycle function.

PaulM on 4/29/2013


Pretty nifty device for when you need an automated way to reset your router whenever connection is lost.

Dibert on 1/13/2013

A Travel and Time Saver

Anyone that supports remote sites, the elderly/handicapped, or has equipment in unoccupied buildings has driven to another site to simply unplug and reset a device: an hour on the road for 30 seconds of work. This is a cost effective and well made product that will save you many trips, and it has a added feature: it automatically resets a router, cable modem, or WiFi when it loses internet access. It also has some nice logging and scheduling capabilities and even delay times between the two outlets. There are lots of applications. Every IT person needs one in their bag of solutions for those unexpected problems. It will soon pay for itself.

who cares my name on 9/28/2012

Pretty Happy

My cable box/DVR goes bunk a lot. My sling box goes out sometimes when ever my provider ehf' s with my modem signal. My router works great. I use this device with #1 plug to modem, an #2 plug to my cable box. Today during Ryder Cup coverage my sling box signal cut out. I sent a remote signal resetting both my box and modem with my phone via MSN messanger. (I could have picked just the cable box) Finally I can work all day and stream my home cable without getting cut off. Thanks.

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Note that ETPW-322B has been replaced with a newer version (ETPW-522B). If you are still using ETPW-322B, the last firmware revision is 6818. Please make sure you're on that version for Google Hangouts to work.

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