Electric Dead-Bolt Lock with Lock and Door Sensor, Fail Safe

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

PI Part #: EML-BOLT-200SLD

Electric Dead-Bolt Lock with Lock and Door Sensor, Fail Safe

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Electric Dead-Bolt Lock with Lock and Door Sensor, Fail Safe

PI Manufacturing comprehends that it is no easy task to protect your love ones and personal belongings, however with our security devices, the burden of the task is alleviated. Among the devices, we offer our magnetic locks with a lock and door sensor. These locks consist of a magnet that is mounted onto doorframe and a steel plate that is fastened onto the top end of the door. The door is magnetized to the mount when a current runs through and energizes the device, creating a holding force of 200lbs on each lock. In addition, the lock is secured even further with a dead-bolt lock. Considered as most durable with low power consumption, let PI Manufacturing help you guard and protect your assets with these electromagnetic locks, in order to give you a sense of security and peace of mind.

  • Mechanical bolt, allows for remote locking/unlocking
  • Sensor for lock status (locked/unlocked)
    • blue: NO
    • yellow: NC
    • white: common
  • Sensor for door status (open/closed)
    • green: NO
    • orange: NC
    • grey: common
  • 12VDC 0.9A
    • black: ground
    • red: positive
  • Dimensions:
    • Face plate: 200mm x 34mm x 3mm (L*W*D)
    • Cover plate: 210mm x 42mm x 0.8mm (L*W*D)
  • Mounting template included for easy installation
  • Mounting screws and bracket included
  • Weight: 0.9 Kgs
  • Automatic Relock (0/2.5/5 seconds)
  • Fail-safe mechanism (locked when energized)
  • Voltage spike suppresor
  • UL listed, CE approved

Magnetic Lock FAQ

Magnetic Lock Setup Guide

UPC: 091324287109

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)



  • Red -> Positive (+)
  • Black -> Ground (-)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
SOLENOID: Continuous Duty
CURRENT: Start 0.9A, Standby 0.3A, At 12VDC.Start 0.5A Standby 0.15A At 24VDC
AUTOMATIC DEADBOLT: Standard on all model
AUTO RELOCK JUMPER: Adjustable (From 0 to 5 second)
FAIL SAFE: Locked when energized (Power to locked fail unlock)
BOLT: 15.5mm DIA. Stainless steel 16mm throw
CUTOUT: Size 212mmL x 35mmW (A43mm backset minimun must be present)
COVER PLATE: Size 220mmL x 38mmW x 0.8mmD
FACE PLATE: Size 210mml x 34mmW x 33mmD
STRIKE: Size 30mmL x 24mmW x 27 mmD
  • 2PC, EXT, Plate
  • 5PC. M5 x 15 Long Screws
  • 8PC. M5 x 11 Long Screws
WEIGHT: 2 LB (0.9KG)

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Lcasey on 12/2/2016


Installed easily, directions were above average, worked as had hoped. I would buy again and recommend to others

Tom on 9/14/2015


I highly recommend these. I have used these for nearly 3 years with no problems. Do check the accuracy of the template by placing the lock, face down, onto the template for verification. (I rarely use templates, so it has been of little concern to me, but could be problematic if an installer prepped the installation with an inaccurate template!)

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