Electromagnetic / Magnetic Lock - 1200lbs Holding Force (Indoor Use)

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD7788

PI Part #: EML-1200-S

Electromagnetic / Magnetic Lock - 1200lbs Holding Force (Indoor Use)

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Electromagnetic / Magnetic Lock - 1200lbs Holding Force (Indoor Use)

The magnetic lock consists of a magnet mounted onto door frame and a steel plate attached to the top of the door. The door will be strongly bonded when the magnet is energized holding the steel plate. Instant release is possible when power supply is cut off, making it most ideal in emergency escape situations. Considered durable and with low power consumption, it is widely used for exit and entry control applications with no moving parts and little maintenance required, the magnetic lock will at all times provide a fail safe operation.

The magnetic locks come in variety of models to suit various exit and entry applications Mounting brackets formed an integral part in the installations of magnetic locks to both in-swing doors.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Silent, continuous duty operation
  • Applicable to all single and pairs of swinging and sliding doors
  • Instantaneous release in the event of fire
  • Designed to interface with virtually all access control and alarm systems
  • Voltage Input: 12 / 24V DC
  • Current Draw: 12V / 420mA; 24V / 210mA
  • Holding Force: Up to 1200lbs
  • Anti-residual magnetism design
  • Anodized aluminum casing and blue zinc metal surface plating

UPC: 091324279784

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