6ft 18AWG AC Power Cord Extension (IEC 60320 C13 to IEC 60320 C14) UL Listed - Black

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD6310

PI Part #: CORD-2

6ft 18AWG AC Power Cord Extension (IEC 60320 C13 to IEC 60320 C14) UL Listed - Black

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6ft 18AWG AC Power Cord Extension (IEC 60320C13 to IEC 60320C14) UL Listed - Black

Use this cord extend another power cord. Connect one end of this extension cord directly to your device, and connect the other end to another power cord. This power cord works great with devices such as a PC, monitor, scanner or printer. This cord is designed with quality in mind. This long lasting, high-quality cord will keep your device powered on and working great. Let PI Manufacturing's high quality power cords power your devices.

Power Cords are used everyday for a variety of different applications. Televisions, computers, lights, machinery, are all examples or devices that use power cords. Almost anything you can think of that is plugged into an electric socket uses a power cord. Sometimes products come with power cords that are too short for your application or task at hand.

PI Manufacturing's UL listed power cords are useful to achieve power connections and also help you reach various lengths that you desire. PI offers a variety of different end connections and extensions. If a power cord is too short, extensions help you to make a cord longer allowing you to use only the lengths you need.

18 AWG is the standard for gauge cable and will work in a majority of everyday devices and products.

18 AWG is designed to carry up to a 10 amps


  • 6 feet high quality power cord
  • Color: Black
  • 110/120 volt
  • Extend another universal computer power cord
  • 3-pin shroud male to 3-pin shroud female connection type
  • Female end will connect directly with your device and male end will plug into a standard outlet
  • Designed for computers, scanners, printers, monitors, and other 3-pin shroud devices
  • UL Listed
  • 18 AWG is designed to carry up to a 10 amps
  • IEC 60320C13 to IEC 60320C14

AC Connector Chart

IEC 60320 Connectors
Outlet - MaleInlet - FemaleIllustrationPin Spacing, Centers (mm)Note
C1C2 6.6Not Polarized
C3C4N/A10Polarized version of C5 and C6


Symmetrical version is not polarized.

Unsymmetrical version is polarized which is indicated with code with a "P", i.e. IEC 60320C7P or IEC 60320C8P.

C9C1010Not Polarized
C11C12N/A10Polarized Version of C9 and C10
C13C1414Most commonly found in PCs and peripherals
C15C1614For warmer appliances
C17C1814Xbox 360 and some vacuums
C19C2013Older PowerMac (G5) and Cisco computers



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DJ Chris on 2016-04-19

Best cable on the market!

I've been using these cables for year. Indoor and outdoor use. Never a problem. Great price and value.

CR on 2016-02-17

Best cable compared to ADJ CABLES

This is the second time I purchase these cables. Very reliable and durable.

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