50ft Molded RCA Female to 2x RCA Male Extension Splitter Cable

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD1981

PI Part #: 2RB-RB-MF-50

50ft Molded  RCA Female to 2x RCA Male Extension Splitter Cable

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High Quality Molded Type, 1 RCA Female to 2 RCA Male (Y-Splitter) Audio Cable, 50 ft.

Connect a mono audio device to a stereo audio device with this 2 male to 1 female Y-splitter cable. This cable is also great for splitting one audio single to two singles. These high quality, highly shielded audio cables are carefully manufactured to insure a high quality, interference-free sound. PI Manufacturing's high quality RCA audio cables will bring an amazing sound unlike any other. The Gold Plated contacts on these cables will bring an even higher sound quality. With 182% total shielding, these audio cables will out perform all others. Our audio cables are also designed with an oxygen-free cable jacket, to keep harmful rust causing oxygen out. A strain relief is also included in these cables to ensure the cable doesn't brake. This cable is also uniquely molded to make it stronger and more durable then other cables. Let PI Manufacturing's audio cables bring you the sound quality you want and deserve.


  • 50 ft of professional grade cable
  • Single RCA (stereo) female to double RCA male (mono) connection
  • Molded Type Construction: the entire cable and all its parts are molded together. PI Manufacturing's molded construction gives you a cable that is extra strong, durable, and professional.
  • Connect a mono audio device to a stereo audio device
  • Also Split a single mono audio signal to two mono signals. Great for connecting more then two devices.
  • Easily identifiable colored bands (red, white)
  • Gold Plated contacts to deliver an extremely high quality audio.
  • 100% Aluminum Foil Shielded to ensure an interference-free picture.
  • Bare copper braid 64#/0.12 drain wire, with 82% shielding; bringing total shielding to 182%.
  • An OFC (oxygen-free cable) jacket to ensure a long rust-free life. A rust-free cable means long life and great performance.
  • 26 AGW center conductor (construct 13C/0.12)

UPC: 091324252145
Connector Types:RCA female to 2x RCA male
Connector Finish:Gold
Shielding:Al foil

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