USB A Female to Micro-USB B Male 90-Degree

PI Part #: 000-USB-MC-11

USB A Female to Micro-USB B Male 90-Degree

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USB Adapters

USB is a very common signal transmission and connection standard often used for connections between computers and computer peripherals. USB comes in many different shapes and sizes, and they exist on a large variety of devices, such as USB hubs, input devices, printers, external drives, portable devices, mobile phones, PDA's, smartphones, and MP3 players. For many portable devices, USB is not only used for data transfer, but is also used for charging and recharging of batteries. USB's numerous types include the standard USB, mini-USB, and micro-USB. Furthermore, for each of the aforementioned types, there are Type-A and Type-B connectors, with micro-USB having an additional Type-AB connector that can interface with both Type-A and Type-B micro-USB connectors. And, of course there are male and female genders for each standard. While male and female connectors of the same standard can interconnect, same gender connectors cannot without an adapter. With so many different variations of USB, handy USB adapters can ease much frustration by providing interface functionality between different connection standards of USB, thereby increasing your devices' versatility to improve system efficiency and economy. Using these adapters, you can enjoy high-fidelity and high-speed data transfer rates that only superior adapters can deliver.

PI Manufacturing's adapters are engineered to the tightest tolerances to deliver unwavering reliability during mission critical and stress intensive applications. Every adapter is designed for optimal performance, producing unparalleled data transfer speeds while preserving utmost data integrity. With our adapters, you can have ease of mind while enjoying the highest quality computing experiences.

Typical Applications:
  • Interfacing between different USB connection standards/genders.


  • USB A Female to Micro USB B Male right angle adapter
  • Provides a standard USB A female port for USB On-the-go (OTG) devices
  • Typically used for connecting keyboard, mice, and flash drives to USB OTG smartphones
  • USB 2.0
  • Right Angle (90 degree)

UPC: 091324318056

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
(California law requires this warning to be provided to California customers)

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