Micro HDMI (HDMI-D) Male to HDMI A Female Adapter

Mfg: PI Manufacturing

Mfg #: PD29098

PI Part #: 000-HDMID-HDMIF

Micro HDMI (HDMI-D) Male to HDMI A Female Adapter

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Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter

HDMI is a digital video standard used in many home theater devices such as DVR's, DVD players, gaming consoles, and HDTV's. With so many digital video standards, it may seem hard to setup a system when you have many devices using different connectors and signals. This is where a handy adapter comes in. These Micro HDMI to HDMI adapters allow you to connect Micro HDMI video devices to HDMI and displays, giving you greater versatility and flexibility with your devices and increasing your system's overall technical and economical efficiency. Using our adapters, you can immerse yourself in brilliant graphics across a secured video connection.

PI Manufacturing's adapters are engineered to the tightest tolerances to deliver unwavering reliability during mission critical and stress intensive applications. Every adapter is designed for optimal performance, producing unparalleled data transfer speeds while preserving utmost data integrity. This adapter converts the male Micro HDMI (Type D) to female standard HDMI (Type A). With our adapters, you can bask in unmatched video clarity while enjoying realistic and lifelike multimedia experiences.


  • Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female connection

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