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Toslink FAQ
What is TOSLINK? Toslink is an optical audio connection system.

It can be found on DVD players, Receivers, CD players, and Minidisc.
Toslink Comparison table
Toslink Found on DVD players, Receivers, CD players, and Minidisc.
or "Mini-Toslink"
Found on some Apple computers
Is Toslink compatible with coaxial digital audio? Yes, but an optical to coaxial converter or coaxial to optical converter is needed.
What do the connectors look like?
Toslink Regular Toslink, shown with protective clear cap.

Toslink is also compatible with Mini-Toslink (using a cable), and with coaxial digtial audio (using a coverter box).

We also sell Toslink cables with round connectors:
Found on Apple computers (MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac).
What is the maximum length of Toslink cables? Generally 5 meters. Repeaters allow for longer runs, up to 25 meters.
Will Toslink work with Mini-Toslink or mini-optical? Yes, they are compatible.

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