PI Manufacturing DC Power Boxes with Securty Camera Application Notes

PI power distribution boxes with regulated power are 12VDC or 18VDC or 24VDC. Our power boxes will output DC power within 5% tolerance, which is much lower than the 10% tolerance that is typical in the power industry. For example, AC power in the US is 120V, but many power devices output is 110-115V or 130V reflective of a typical 10% tolerance.

Most security cameras will tolerate about 10-14VDC (varies by camera; please check with the camera manufacturer). For direct power runs, using 18AWG power cable using solid copper core is recommended to minimize power drop. For example, the POWER-RG6-1K. Using CCA or CSS cable or 20,22,24,26,28AWG may result in lower voltage for long distance.

Alternatively, you can use our P-POWER-121A and P-POWER-121A-SP power conversion products to input 24VDC and output 12VDC 1A on standard DC connectors. This can run up to 1000ft on Cat5 cable (3 pair awg-24) or 2 wire awg-18 power cable. Power input for this set is recommended to be 24VDC.