> Everything You Need to Know About Audio/Video Cables

    1.    What kind of video cables do I need?

There are many different types of video cables, and it is important to know which type you need before you buy.  It is a good idea to first consult your owners manual to determine which kind of cable is right for your device.  If a manual is unavailable just read below and we will make buying the right cable easy.  PI Manufacturing has included images of both the cable and the port to better help you determine which video connection your device has.

   2.    How long of a cable do I need?           

PI Manufacturing offers a wide range of cable lengths (6ft,12ft, 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft). You should measure the distance between your devices before purchasing a cable. It is also important to allow extra length, so that you can connect your devices easily and neatly. A cable that is too short can be difficult and awkward to connect, however a cable that is too long may become hard to manage. PI Manufacturing recommends using a piece of string to simulate your connection, then measuring the string length used. Remember to always round to the longer cable length.

    3.    What type of audio cable do I need?

PI Manufacturing offers both digital and analog audio cables. Digital cables provide the best sound quality, however many devices may not be equipped for a digital connection. Although the quality is not as high as digital, analog RCA audio cables provide great sound quality. The benefit of RCA audio is that it is standard on almost all audio components. PI Manufacturing recommends using a digital audio signal when ever possible. PI Manufacturing has included images of both the cable and the port to better help you determine which audio connection your device has.

3.    Should I get an audio/video combo cable?

If your device is an audio/video device, such as a VCR or DVD player, we recommend getting and audio/video cable. Having both audio and video on a single cable provides for a neat and low-cost connection. If your device has only an audio signal, such as a CD or turntable, an audio only cable should be used. PI manufacturing offers many different audio/video cables. Regardless of your audio/video connection, PI Manufacturing has the cable you need.