P&D M1-DA Information

In the complex world of electronics, technology moves very fast, and it is hard to always keep up with the newest devices and standards out on the maket. However, one must be knowledgeable to have the latest and greatest audio/video system. P&D M1-DA is a product of such cutting-edge technological innovation and suitable for both home theater systems and/or business/commercial applications. In order for you to fully take advantage of this frontier technology, it is essential to understand its history, technical details, and applications.

History and Origin
VESA Plug and Display (P&D) is a standard created by VESA for video signals and connections. P&D is also know as M1-DA, a name coined by InFocus, and often just called M1. M1 is designed for use with digital display devices, such as flat-panel displays and projectors. Its creators market M1 as a replacement for VESA EVC and as an extension of the common DVI.

Technical Details
The P&D M1-DA connection standard carries single-link TMDS digital video signals at a maximum rate of 160Mhz. Being a digital video connection, there is no loss in information and video purity is retained throughout the connection, especially with PI Manufacturing's high-quality cables and A/V accessories. P&D M1-DA also supports VESA Display Data Channel version 2 and can support analogue video signals, USB for control signals, and IEEE 1394-1995 Firewire.

P&D M1-DA Male Connector
P&D M1-DA Male Connector

M1 exist on numerous digital video projectors and display devices. M1 is compatible with VGA, DVI, and HDMI for connections from computers, DVD players, gaming consoles, DVR's and other home theater video devices. Please see the listing below for list of our products that support M1.

M1 Projector
M1 Products

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