I. Tutorial    II. Q&A

Tutorial for 8P8C-C6-50G-041
These are the pieces you will need for RJ45 assembly.

Optional tools -
Strip about an inch of the CAT6 cable.
It should look like this.
Seperate the wires.
Place the green wire on top of the small stub.
Place the blue wire on the bottom slot of the small stub.
Untangle the wires.
Trim the wires.
Confirm wire order and slide on the wire cover. The wire cover will have an open side (with 8 slots) and a solid side. As shown in the picutre, the open side should be up, and the orange and white-orange wires will be on the right. The wires should reach to near the end.
Slide on the connector.
The cable sleeve should reach the end.
Crimp the connector. If you are not able to crimp, check the wire sleeve orientation.