Security is of importance to homes and businesses because it prevents theft, vandalism, and other concerns. Having a good security system in place prevents bad things from happening, which allow you to live your life without being so wary.

A security camera needs to be used to monitor your surroundings. Typically, security cameras are categorized as either dome or bullet types, with analog, HD analog, and IP solutions available with resolutions going up to 4K.

To record your video from the security camera, a DVR surveillance system is usually required. These come in standard analog, HD-TVI, HDCVI, or AHD options.

To make installation easier and save costly runs, the use of a video balun is typically used to convert coaxial cables into Cat5e / Cat6 cables.

How do you power your security cameras? To do that, power distribution boxes are used, allowing several cameras or other devices to be used.

If you're wary of strangers at your front door step, consider getting a video door phone. Video door phones allow you to see and hear who is at the door without opening the door. Some options even allow your smartphone or tablet to alert you when the doorbell rings, show video, and support 2-way audio.

With so many security accessories available, you're always going to feel secure, whether at home or at work.

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