Cell phones in the past aren't the same as today's modern day counterparts. Now we have smartphones dominating the market today that are powerful enough to handle the tasks of modern day computers or laptops. With that in mind, the smartphones of today tend to be more expensive, even with a plan, therefore it's necessary to protect your phone from drops, scratches, dirt, fingerprints, and everything else. Additionally, to make your phone your own, people will sport different looks for their phones, from the most basic, to abstract, to even avante garde.

Viewing your favorite movies or content, but need to make your iPhone prop up for a better viewing experience? You might consider purchasing a kickstand case. Kickstand cases typically allow horizontal and vertical viewing with angle adjustments for ultimate flexibility. For simple protection from drops and scratches, TPU cases can be used to offer protection from the back as well as the sides of the phone. TPU is a lighter, yet durable plastic that has elastic and transparency features. For harder protection, silky smooth hard cases or glossy hard cases are offered. A silky smooth hard case feels rubbery, providing extra grip to the smartphone, yet still feels hard compared to TPU. A glossy hard case feels smooth to the touch, allowing you to slide your fingers across it with ease. For extra protection, some cases are designed with double layers. Some cases even go overboard, using material that can withstand a car running over the phone.

With many smartphones turning to Gorilla Glass, an extremely tough and scratch-resistant glass, the need for screen protectors isn't necessary. Yet, many people still turn to screen protectors to prevent dirt and fingerprints.

There are several types of chargers and adapters available for smartphones. Wall chargers are used to charge your phone through any standard outlet in your home. Typically, it comes in 1 port or 2 port configurations. Car chargers are the same, allowing you to charge your phone conveniently while in the car. Dock cables can also be used to plug into your computer or laptop to charge.

Audiophiles and casual listeners will make sure to get headphones or earphones. Some may even purchase mini speakers. Mini speakers come with a 3.5mm connector, allowing you to plug in your phone to add extra volume and bass. They may also contain a daisy chain function, allowing you to hook up multiple mini speakers for extra sound. Some even include bluetooth functionality, enabling your smartphone to play music wirelessly.

Laptops are still used in every lives, even with the popularity of tablets. With newer laptops designed to be ultra thin, like the MacBook Air, they are still considered the go to choice for consumers and business users alike. Consider pairing some laptop accessories to go with your laptop, such as a laptop cooling stand to cool your laptop. Did you lose your laptop power adapter? Consider getting a replacement universal laptop power adapter. These power adapters offer several tips, allowing you to power several different types of laptops if necessary. Are you displaying your laptop in a public setting? If so, you may need to get a laptop lock to prevent theft.

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