Computer parts comprise the hardware associated with building a computer. If you're looking for a particular computer part, has the solutions for you.

To house your motherboard, consider buying an ATX or microATX case. For work use, consider getting an industrial chassis. Industrial Chassis' are designed for heavy duty use, allowing you to rack mount several computers for a clean and organized look. For home theater use, a microATX is preferred since the size is smaller and fits perfectly in a home theater type environment where it can sit next to your HDTV to stream and play content.

To power your computer, you'll need a power supply to go along with your computer. Standards comprise of 480 watts, 550 watts, 600 watts, and above.

Intensive gaming and movie watching requires an appropriate cooling device for your computer. You might want to consider buying a case cooling fan to cool your hardware components and a CPU cooler to replace the stock cooler that comes with your CPU, adding more airflow for superior cooling.

Do you need to expand or add extra USB or Firewire ports to your computer? Consider buying PCI-E cards, PCI-X cards and ExpressCard Input/Output cards that offer extra interface ports for USB, Firewire, SATA Serial ATA, and more.

You won't be able to operate your computer without a keyboard and mouse. If you want more flexibility, consider getting a wireless USB mouse and keyboard.

With hard drive storage being so cheap nowadays, many people purchase external hard drive enclosures to hold all of their pictures, movies, data, and more.

To protect all of your computer parts, it's necessary to have a surge protector to go along with your power strips. Even better, consider buying an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). When lightning strikes or if there is a power outage, both of them will come in handy.

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