What is Tensile Strength in Cable Ties

At PI Manufacturing, we carry a large selection of cable ties, ranging for use in residential or commercial applications. Before purchasing a cable tie for your application, make note of the tensile strength.

Understanding Tensile Strength

The minimum tensile strength is the load capacity or weight a cable tie can hold. This is determined according to the Military Specification and Standards of the USA. When a cable tie listing includes the minimum tensile strength, this shows the weight that it can hold safely before breaking. Note that any individual cable tie may hold more capacity, however the weight is defined in order to provide baseline safety conditions for your installations.

As an example, suppose you need to run a line that is 480 lbs. In order to safely run the line, you would need at least a minimum of 4 cable ties at a tensile strength of 120 lbs each, spaced correctly so that each cable tie's load capacity does not exceed 120 lbs in order to run the cable line without the cable tie breaking down.

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