Choosing a Network Cable that is Right for Me

Date: Aug/5/2016

Cat5e has been around for quite some time now, while Cat6, Cat6a are following in the footsteps with overall faster speeds and many other differences such as price, length, and shielding options in cable runs. Talking about speed first, generally Cat5e can go up to 1 Gigabit with 350 Mhz, where Cat6 and Cat6a are at 10 Gigabit with 550 Mhz. For most residential and home usage, Cat5e will be the preferred choice as the distances are fairly short and the speed in regular home internet setups would likely not b

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The Truth Behind 120Hz HDMI Cables

Date: Dec/24/2015

When you look up information on HDMI cables from various retailers, one common trend and flaw you see are HDMI cables being advertised as 120Hz HDMI cables or even 240Hz. When you actually delve into the specifications from the HDMI organization however, what you see is that HDMI cables can only support up to 60Hz, even with HDMI 2.0. So how is it that when you're purchasing a HDTV, you most likely will see its refresh rates listed as 120Hz, or even 240Hz, thus making the mistake of thinking an HDMI cable exists in a 12

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Everything You Need to Know About Antennas

Date: Nov/5/2015

Antennas are the most physically visible component of a wireless infrastructure. Whether it be radio, LAN, or otherwise, an antenna is extremely important. The antennas primary function is to transmit and receive clear signals between multiple wireless points. It is safe to say that an effective and efficient wireless network will require antennas to operate properly. For home, office, or outdoor wireless networks, a good antenna provides a professional solution to wireless connectivity. There exists many differe

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