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Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type with Cutter

Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type with Cutter
Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type with Cutter Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type with Cutter Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type with Cutter Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type with Cutter 
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Impact and Punch Down Tool For Krone Type

PI Manufacturing's punch down tool is used for inserting wire into punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and surface mount boxes. This tool uses an internal spring mechanism. The end tip has a removable blade, which can be interchanged to different sizes and selection based on the task at hand. Using the punch down tool, a wire is pre-positioned into a slotted post and then pressed down on top of the wire to secure it.

  • Tool's frame was divided into main body with impact mechanism inside and the turnable body.
  • With impact pressure adjustable control.
  • Turn the turnable part by clockwise direction to H indicated pressure H=15+/- 2kgs for inserting larger wire into terminal block or L indicated pressure L= 10+ 2kgs for standard wire.
  • The storage on the top of tool is for storing one piece of spare blade.
  • Optional Blades made of SNCM-21 and harden.
  • All are interchangeable and reversible.
  • Blades are easy for changing and w/o using of screw driver.
  • HT-3340,w/o blade, tool's body only.
HT-334 : 66 type blade with cutter
HT-334A : 66,110 type blade with cutter
HT-334B : 110 type blade with cutter
HT-334C : 66,110 Type without cutter
HT-334BK : Krone Type with Cutter
HT-3340 : without blade nor cutter

HT-314 : 66 Type with cutter
HT-314A : 66, 110 Type with cutter
HT-314B : 110 Type with cutter
HT-314C : 66,110 Type without cutter
HT-314BK : Krone Type with cutter

HT-3140 : Punch down tool w/o blade nor cutter

Blade for HT-Series Tool
HT-14 : Use on 66 Type
HT-14A : 66,110 Type blade with cutter
HT-14B : 110 type blade with cutter
HT-14C : 66,110 type blade w/o cutter
HT-14BK : Use on Krone type

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