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75ft RCA Mono Jack (Female) to RCA Stereo Plug (Male) Audio Extension Cable

75ft RCA Mono Jack (Female) to RCA Stereo Plug (Male) Audio Extension Cable
75ft RCA Mono Jack (Female) to RCA Stereo Plug (Male) Audio Extension Cable 75ft RCA Mono Jack (Female) to RCA Stereo Plug (Male) Audio Extension Cable 75ft RCA Mono Jack (Female) to RCA Stereo Plug (Male) Audio Extension Cable 
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RCA Mono to RCA Stereo Extension Cable

RCA is a common connection type used in many home theater and multimedia devices, such as DVD/VHS players, DVR's, TV's and gaming consoles. These cables provide interfacing functionality between RCA mono and RCA stereo. Using these cables, you can experience high-quality audio that only superior cables can deliver.

PI Manufacturing's cables are engineered to the tightest tolerances to deliver unwavering reliability during mission critical and stress intensive applications. Every cable is designed for optimal performance, producing unparalleled data transfer speeds while preserving utmost data integrity. With our cables, you can bask in unmatched audio clarity while enjoying realistic and lifelike multimedia experiences.

Typical Applications:
  • Connecting from RCA mono to RCA stereo.
  • Connecting from RCA stereo to RCA mono.
  • Outputing audio from one channel into two different channels.
  • Outputing audio from two channels into a singe channel.
  • Connecting between home theater devices.

2 RCA Male to 1 RCA Female Audio Cable (Y-Splitter), with metal assembly type professional grade RCA plug, 75 ft.

Connect a mono audio device to a stereo audio device with this 2 male to 1 female Y-splitter cable. This cable is also great for splitting one audio single to two singles. These high quality, highly shielded audio cables are carefully manufactured to insure a high quality, interference-free sound. PI Manufacturing's high quality RCA audio cables will bring an amazing sound unlike any other. The Gold Plated contacts on these cables will bring an even higher sound quality. With 182% total shielding, these audio cables will out perform all others. Our audio cables also are designed with an oxygen-free cable jacket, to keep harmful rust causing oxygen out. These RCA audio cables come with screw off metal RCA plugs. These screw off metal plugs are great for extending these high quality cables. Let PI Manufacturing's audio cables bring you the sound quality you want and deserve.


  • 75 ft of professional grade cable
  • Double RCA (stereo) male to single RCA (mono) female connection
  • Connect a mono audio device to a stereo audio device
  • Also Split a single audio signal to two signals. Great for connecting more then two devices.
  • High quality metal assembly screw type professional grade RCA plug
  • Easily identifiable colored bands (red, white to black)
  • Gold Plated contacts to deliver an extremely high quality audio.
  • 100% Aluminum Foil Shielded to ensure an interference-free picture.
  • Bare copper braid 64#/0.12 drain wire, with 82% shielding; bringing total shielding to 182%.
  • An OFC (oxygen-free cable) jacket to ensure a long rust-free life. A rust-free cable means long life and great performance.
  • 26 AGW center conductor (construct 13C/0.12)

* image or specification may be changed without prior notice.

Connector Types:RCA mono female to RCA stereo male
Connector Finish:Gold
Shielding:Al foil




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