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1x2, 1x8 HDMI Splitters with Simultaneous 4K and 1080p Display


Scale automatically to the highest resolution according to the capabilities of each connected monitor, allowing for simultaneous 4K and 1080p output on separate displays, with added EDID management and HDR support, the 1x2 / 1x8 HDMI splitter allows you to distribute one HDMI source onto multiple displays, perfect for applications that require multiple displays to show the same content from a HDMI source.

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Waterproof Cat6 Shielded Female to Female Coupler


PI Manufacturing's shielded Cat6 coupler is designed to connect two Cat6 cables together while keeping them safe and dry. The shielded female to female coupler is IP67 rated for dust and water protection. The rubber gasket inside the coupler allows for cables that have an overall diameter ranging from 3-8mm. Ideally suited for outdoor applications requiring protection from the elements.

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